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What are some ridiculous fact you find about ghost?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) July 3rd, 2010

For those who don’t believe in ghost must have their own reason why they don’t believe in ghost(most are fact). Is anyone here find any ridiculous fact about what they called as “ghost”?

What I find ridiculous fact in ghost is that most(maybe all) of them appear with clothes,in other word it suggest that there are cotton plants(and other fabric producing creature) in “another world” and ghost people who design ghost clothes.

Aside from revived dead cells what are some interesting-ridiculous fact you found about ghost? This could be historically,your experience,personal knowledge,or anything you like to describe.

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There may be invisible ghosts, but not a single human being has ever yet seen one.

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Ghosts can get stuck in the transporter buffer.

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Ghosts are just people walking through the weak areas in the fabric of our universe, which is connected to their universe and a million others.
Or I had too much vodka.

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Anything that purports to be a “fact” about ghosts is automatically ridiculous.

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They wear clothes cause nobody wants to see a nekid ghost!

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Some people still believe in them! How ridiculous is that!

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Ghosts wear clothes so we can see them better. If we do see them it is because they made the effort to make sure of their visability. It is not good to think we can not see what we can think of. Matter and energy are interchangeable.

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Ghosts usually appear with clothes on not because they have some thrift shop in the Netherworld, but many theories suggest that a phantom is an image which is, somehow, projected from the moment of death, or close to it. You see them how they died.

That said, I find it ridiculous that the term ’‘ghost’ is apparently offending to them, like calling a black man the n word. You’d think an eternity of being projected and damned would be a lot worse than pissing em off.

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Ghosts are the traces left by real people once they depart this world. It would be ridiculous if they appeared to us naked as they didn’t appear that way to us in life.

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My favorite theory (though it’s hardly compelling) in this vein holds that, on account of our magnetic field, parts of the Earth function rather like a tape recorder, and that ghosts are what gets played back.

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