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Do VFW's and other military clubs still have illegal slot machines?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) July 3rd, 2010

For years, private military clubs like the VFW and others, have had illegal slot machines placed somewhere in the club for use by its members. this is illegal in some states and not in others. Question: should these illegal slot machines be allowed to stay in these military clubs or should the law be enforced equally and the machines be removed and destroyed?

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Question: should your actual question be in the title of your question?

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I remember when my grandpap was president of our local VFW you didn’t even hear of this issue where I live but now today you do. This didn’t seem to be a big issue in the 70’s. I believe all private clubs should be allowed to have them. They generate extra revenue for these clubs without any real harm.

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Hey, check it out, something that’s not the fault of illegal immigrants!

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bob, i know i dwell on illegal immigrants. my wife tells me this all the time. i just do not understand why the immigration laws are not being enforced and ignored by the Federal Government. being in law enforcement for many years, i cannot understand not enforcing a law, especially a Federal law that effects just about everyone in the country. there has to be a reason the Feds are not acting.

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It all depends on where the VFW is located. Those in areas where slots are legal then they will have slots, otherwise, they will have game machines that doesn’t pay in money, just free games. But on the other hand the VFW is a private organization with dues paying members and they can do what public places can’t.

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