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Are you familiar with the new cellphone law in Tennessee?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) November 24th, 2010

A new cellphone law was just recently enacted for the people in Tennessee. I predict that no one will be cited or arrested for violating this law. Why? It’s too hard to enforce. You can still talk on a cellphone, while driving, but texting is now illegal. How can an officer tell the difference between someone punching in numbers to make a phone call, compared to someone punching in letters for a text message? Unless the officer is riding in the same vehicle and observes this, there is no way to tell the difference. Question: Did the lawmakers, in Tennesee, stop short of enacting a cellphone safety law that had some teeth in it or was this just a “window dressing” law that will never be enforced?

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Well…you generally type about three or four keys to get to a number. So you’d have to be one of those unlucky ones…

It could go the other way, though. People could be arrested for typing into their phone, and regardless of whatever they claim they’ll be cited. If they want to make a call, they can pull over. If they can’t, and they didn’t program the phone for voice dialing – tough shit.

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We have this same law in Illinois. A first offense can cost you $75. The only way I could see someone getting fined is if their texting causes an accident. I’m sure it won’t be long before all states outlaw the use of cell phones while driving. Right now in the state of Illinois, it is against the law to talk on your phone in a school zone.

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Alberta has outlawed any distraction while driving, no cell phones, eating, shaving etc- $172 fine. I think the $2 makes us look pretty stupid. I will continue to snack while driving, hopefully snack is okay. Some people think this will cause accidents as people become furtive, duck their heads. Invisible ear buds will be the thing. I think cops have enough to do without this so I’m sure people will have to pretty blatant about using a cell phone to get caught.

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In Connecticut we have had an absolute prohibition on “hands-required” cellphone use by drivers for at least two years now. That is, if you’re driving a car, you may not even hold a cellphone, according to the law (with a few exceptions, including the police). Nevertheless, it seems like nearly 40% of drivers that I see on a regular basis are chatting away on their phones, held up to one ear in full view of anyone else. The penalty is $100 or so.

And next to no one gets cited for it, ever. So even “a law with teeth in it” doesn’t matter unless it’s enforced.

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I think there should be a fine for anyone with a cell phone in their hand for any reason!!! What ever happened to logic?? I’ve taken to glaring at people who are on their cell phones. If the cops won’t do anything, maybe enough people can bring disapproving social pressure to bear so that people will feel guilty doing it.

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