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Germany - Argentina 4:0 - Did somebody just send me into an alternate universe - What is going on in South Africa?

Asked by mattbrowne (31633points) July 3rd, 2010

Am I dreaming or what?

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Germany totally deserved it! Go Mannschaft!!

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Great game – great team. What’s nice is how the youngsters and vets have been playing together so well. Each win, especially the last two, have been well-earned wins by a consistantly excellent team.

But will they beat Holland in the finals?

Let’s just say I’m happy for you guys now – enjoy it while it lasts.


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Daaag. Blowout!

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Ain’t nobody cryin’ for you Argentinaaaaaaaaaaa!

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Watch this video where Maradona doesn’t acknowledge Thomas Müller from the German team in a press conference (apparently saying that he is not going to sit next to a ballboy) and then check who scored the first goal in the third minute against Argentina.

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Gee, I was so nervous before second goal. My wife kept telling me, cool down, cool down…they’ll make it

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Suck it, Argentina. That’s all I have to say.

But really, I think the problem is in the way Argentina plays. They have 11 exemplary players on the field, but little to no organization or attacking formations. They score with numbers and personal skill, whereas Germany is maybe 4 or 5 exemplary players and 6 or 7 average players playing together as one great team.

At this stage in the world cup, nobody wins with great players and poor organization, teams win with team play and the occasional individual performance.

Suck it, Argentina.

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@rebbel He says: “If you’d like to ask the player first, I’ll wait there”. Then the guy next to him says “please go first, Mr Maradona”, to which he replies “Well, it’s not normal for me to have a press conference next to a player. No, no, I’ll wait”. Then after he comes back, he said “I want to clarify that I did not know that he was a player, generally these conferences are only for coaches, but ah well, I’d also like to apologize to the player”.

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@rebbel – Are you aware that Müller just came from some regional league and Van Gaal recognized the potential?

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About Maradona, well, pride goes before a fall. Before the match he really belittled our team while Jogi Löw kept telling our team, Argentina will be a tough one. You need all your strength and concentration and discipline and so forth… Play as a team, not as individual stars…


The German War Machine strikes again! Lol.

Actually, I think Germany played a much better game than Argentina, whose defense was totally lacking. I think a lot of people assumed that Argentina would win, thinking they were the better team, but obviously they were not here.

My little niece and nephew are ecstatic about the win, as their Dad is German——they hang the flag of Germany everywhere. Go Germany go!

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And the magic octopus was right again. I think I need to build an eight-legged altar…

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@ragingloli – If we all bet with the magic octopus we’ll all be squids in! English joke

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It is not enough to just have star players in your team.
You also have to play as a team.
This victory is a victory of collectivisim over individualism.

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Your dreaming. Nobody cares about soccer.

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Just as you do not care about english grammar, yes?
The whole world cares about football and the whole world plays it, too. You just keep to your “world series”. We will do real sports instead.

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I’m puzzled as to why you find this result so unusual. Germany are masters at tournament football. Eleven appearances in the semi finals at least, in the last fifteen world cups is testament to that. Argentina, once put under pressure folded like a pack of cards, no backbone. Although it pains me to say it (Engishman) Germany are the undoubted stars of this tournament. Whoever emerges victorious from their semi final with the Spanish will probably win the trophy & deservedly so.The Uruguyan team will be shattered after their exertions & the Dutch are already two time losers in world cup finals, no bottle. So yeah it’s the efficient Germans or the classy Spanish for me.

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It appears that all the European teams are suddenly taking out all the South American teams once again, especially because I think Holland is going to crush Uruguay on tuesday, leaving only European teams left, somewhat humiliating after South America placed themselves on such a high horse.

@breedmitch Truthfully, most of the time, I don’t really care about soccer. But this is the World Cup. Completely different story.

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@ragingloli – Maybe ‘everybody’ includes Americans, and nobody includes the rest whatever that is. The nobodies don’t matter ;-)

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@ucme – People are betting all the time. I don’t know how many people put their money on a 4:0 result, but my guess is that betting €10 would have made quite a profit. Of course Germany had a good chance to beat Argentina, but 4:0 was beyond all expectations…

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Depends how low your expectations were.

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