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What are places I should visit and restaurants I should check out in Montreal, QC?

Asked by jlm11f (12378points) July 3rd, 2010

I will be there for the first week of August.

Some things I like – I’m a big foodie, and I do like most touristy attractions and shopping !!! is good too. Anything unique to the city is a must of course.

As seems to be the norm in my life, I’ll be there for work. I’ll be busy during the day but hopefully will have some nights free. So I do need to prioritize. Also, I am a super efficient traveler/tourist so don’t hesitate recommending more than a few things. If it sounds like something I’d love to do/see, I’ll make things happen.

I have already checked out the answers present in this Q but since it is 2 years old, figured I’d ask again.

Thanks =)

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It kind of depends on what you’re looking for, but since you’re in the city you might as well hit a few of the tourist basics. I will right away say to visit these three: Montreal Biodome, Notre-Dame de Montreal and the Montreal Olympic Stadium (listed in order of awesomeness from higher to lower).

I thought the biodome was terrific, the basilica was just stunning, and the olympic stadium was pretty cool as well. After you hit those, I would really recommend taking one evening to just bum around downtown Montreal. It’s a great city, with a lot of neat, European architecture and the city has a great feeling to it. The weather will be really nice, and you should definitely walk around Old Montreal for a bit and breathe in the culture. If you just wander the streets around the old port you’ll find quite a few smaller restaurants which will serve deer, rabbit, and other neat foods.

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food…..try a dinner cruise on the river, Benelux has home brews and there are so many good bistros, including one owned by Chef Jean Marchand. Parisian and french influenced, some Med…..

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I went to Schwartz’s and had a smoked meat sandwich. You can’t go to Montreal and not try the deli!

Québécois, aidez-moi. There’s a diner near the Olympic Stadium, and it’s a tiny, out of the way place. I had the best poutine ever there, but I’ve forgotten the name. It’s on a corner! Merde!

My friends and I also went to Vieux-Montréal. Il est particulièrement magnifique la nuit.

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I completely agree with @aprilsimnel that you should go to Shwartzes. But make time for it because there is often a line up. The deli is on St. Laurent, so you can spwnd the day on the Main as we like to call it. And St. Laurent is two blocks over from St. Denis, which is another great street in Montreal.

You should definitely go on a terrasse. Just relax with a pitcher of sangria. Some nice terrasses on St. Denis are St. Ciboire, St. Sulpice (although it will be very crowded, as it always is in the summer) and St. Bock. St. Laurent and Crescent also have nice terrasses, but St. Denis is nicer in my opinion.

For shopping you might want to go to the Eaton Center. It has practically everything. Don’t go into the underground city unless you’re with someone who knows the city well. You might get lost.

There’s an archaeological museum in the old port that has a permanent exhibit on the history of Montreal. And while you’re in Old Montreal, make sure to hug the guy with the “free hugs” sign. He’s always there standing still in the middle of the square waiting for tourists.

The Biodome is cool to. The Olympic Stadium is nothing special, now that the Expos got sold. You can also go to an Alouettes game, which is the Montreal football team in the CFL. They play at the McGill Redmen football stadium, so you can go check out the campus as well.

I hope you have a great time. Maybe we can even have a Fluther meetup :P

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You must have smoked meat, especially if you’re a foodie!

I’m not from Montreal, so I’m not really able to tell you much more, but I’ve spent a few hours there, and in those hours I had smoked meat, and I remember those few hours well.

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You must get Poutine. You must.

Schwartz’s is good, and there’s this giant orange building (as in the fruit) west of the city center that has this amazing freshmade orange cream drink. You have to try it, and the building is hilarious.

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@Mtl_zack – Aw, you said “line up”. I always hear that phrase in Bruce McCullough’s voice in my head.

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@aprilsimnel I don’t know who that is

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He’s the shortest member of The Kids in the Hall, a Canadian comedy troupe from the 1990s.

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@aprilsimnel is correct – they make the best smoked meat sandwich. @andrew is referring to the Orange Julep – it’s on Decarie – a little far from downtown but worth the trip. In general, the metro is clean and on time – and even if you have a car – it’s nice to take it to the underground city – or off the Island to the various places – gambling, amusement park etcetera.There’s a stop not far from the Orange Julep. Besides the drink, try the fries in a paper bag with salt and vinegar. The best!

Montreal bagels are world famous and very different than bagels found elsewhere. They are unique because they are dipped in honey water first. Fairmount’s are my fave.

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I agree, with @zenele, the metro is really great.

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I recommend the People’s Potato. It’s a free, pay-what-you-want restaurant operated by an anarchist collective in Montreal. They fund themselves by making fancy desserts and selling them to other restaurants. You’re sure not going to find better prices.

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Thank you for all the info, jellies!!!!!!!!! I’ve taken diligent notes and will update you as things happen. I leave for Montreal early tomorrow morning =)

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