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What's your morning routine?

Asked by zenele (8252points) July 3rd, 2010

I’m on my second cup – black. I wake up between 5 and 6 and “need” at least two cups of coffee to get going. I’m basically a soccer mom.

During the school year, I have the school lunches to prepare, and then two different (mini) drives to get the kids to school (they go to different schools). Some mornings I work, others I don’t – so depending on the day, I might just read and websurf all morning. I’m reading Matt’s book right now – and it’s just wonderful. I highly recommend it.

Summertime, most of my mornings are free. Like today.

This can be a lazy daisy thread – tell me about your morning, what you’re reading, what’s different (or not) about your summer routine, etcetera.

And have a wonderful Fourth of July!

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Mine is different depending on the time of year. Summer time I wake up around 7. I get up, smoke a cigarette, check in on Facebook, watch the news, feed the kids, basically, just whatever I need to do. The kids usually head outside around 8:30 and I wash dishes, do laundry, shower, get ready for work if I have to work or I mess around on the computer until 10 or so.

During the school year we all get up at 6:30. The kids bathe, I get their outfits out, they eat and then we go to school. I come back home and do what I would do if it were summer and they were outside playing-dishes, laundry etc. It’s a very mundane, predictable life, but I really, really like it.

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My routine doesn’t really vary by season a whole lot. I usually wake up at 4:30ish, clean the kitchen, do two loads of laundry or mop the kitchen floor, check e-mail and fluther, make lunch if it’s during the week, let the dog out, get ready for work, and am at the office by 8:30. Sometimes I go to the grocery before work if I know I’m working late. In the summer, I water the windowboxes and hanging baskets in the morning, and sometimes do a little weeding.

I wish I had unstructured time. Most nights, I’m at work until 8:30 and when I come home, I’m in shut-down mode, hang out of fluther, in denial of everything that needs doing around the house.

I’m losing my ability to read. I don’t own a television, so it’s either internet or publications.

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@PandoraBoxx I always do my kitchen cleaning in the morning too. After I worked all day, came home and cooked dinner, I just can’t bring myself to do the dishes too! I rinse them good and let them hang out in the sink until morning.

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There seems to be all this phantom kitchen work—dishes or pots and pans not put away correctly, the spice cabinet gone awry, a refrigerator shelf that needs everything taken off it and a good wiping, cereal boxes tossed out, the trash, moving everything off the counter and wiping, the crumbs that get in the silverware drawer, etc.

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You do know that when a plate meets a bowl, they mate and produce cutlery. That’s why there is always more dishes than you thought – they are reproducing.

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I personally feel like I keep the good people at Ajax in business during the summer with all the dirty dishes I have. If I really wanted I could probably stand in the kitchen and wash dishes all day long. Two hungry kids all summer equals a LOT of dirty dishes.

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Whether I drink, work, never fall asleep or get abducted by aliens, my routine is the same. Watch any zombie movie and that’s pretty much me, until I get some coffee done, anyways.

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On a normal weekday I wake up at 7.30am, open the door for the dogs so they can go into the garden and then feed them, have a shower, get dressed, put a small amount of makeup on and make hair look pesentable, then I go to work.

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I usually wake up at 8 am or 9 am in rainy season or if I’m lazy. The first thing I do is some work out,yoga,and jogging thing at home(I use tread mill),then a cold shower in the morning,put some natural product on my face,admire myself in front of the mirror for quite a long time(I’m just so proud of my appearance,ha ha),then ask my maid to buy me a breakfast/lunch(sometime I skip my breakfast) then I can still do anything I want until it’s the time to work on my paper.

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@zenele, is that theory anything like the idea that, if you leave files in horizontal piles on your desk, as opposed to filing them in an upright position, they breed over the weekend and create more work?

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Baby usually wakes up around 4:30am, I nurse him while sleeping. Then walks in the almost three year old, who snuggles in bed as well. Around 7–730am, the baby gets fidgety. Doesn’t want to eat, so it’s time to get up. Husband and I put him in a cradle with toys to buy ourselves a few more minutes of having our eyes closed. Along with the three year old poking us and jumping on the bed.
Husband takes kids downstairs, so I can get some more rest since I get up all night with the baby. Or, I go downstairs with both kids so the hubby gets some rest. Make breakfast for toddler, put baby in exersaucer or mat.
I usually get breakfast during this time, and check the internet briefly until the baby wants to be held.

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@Pandora You’ve seen it happen too??!!

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On a work day, I get up around 6.30am, have a quick shower, get dressed, have a cup of tea (I prefer tea instead of coffee in the morning) and check email & plurk. Leave home around 7.20am, arrive in the office for 7.50am. I have breakfast in the works canteen about 9am.

On a day when I’m not working I get up around 8.30am, shower, have a cuppa and some breakfast, go on the internet and stay there for a couple of hours :-D

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@zenele, absolutely. I come in Monday morning, and there’s all these little memos running around all over my desk.

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So… Post-its are really… file babies?

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Yes. They grow up to be more work, and have Post-its of their own.

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Then the sticky part is… actually…???!!!

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