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Do you have a special number?

Asked by wundayatta (58591points) February 13th, 2009

How did it become special to you? What does it mean to you?

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I associate the number 3 with the color green, which is my favorite color.

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Seven has always been mine. No real reason for it, though.

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I was born on November 5
My mother was born on September 5
My great-aunt was born on May 5
I was 5 years old when my parents (mother + stepfather) married.
My first girlfriend was born on March 5
My first girlfriend and I starting going out October (5+5) 25th (5*5)

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7 for John Elway

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This isn’t what you’re asking, but I’d have to say my cell number. Only those I love & trust have it.

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Yeah, my number is 7.

My first name has 7 letters, my middle name has 7 letters, my my last name has 7 letters.
My full name has 7 syllables and 7 vowels.
I was born on Dec. 22. 12+22=34 3+4=7; 1+2+2+2=7

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11. It’s the day of my birth, my sisters birth, my cousins birth…and it’s always been on all my sports jerseys. Also, I like symmetry.

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56, I have always just liked 8×7=56. It just has a nice flow to it.

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@adreamofautumn… that’s amazing with your birthday’s.

11 is my special number. I’ve shared a lot of moments with people through the number. It holds a lot of meaning to my person, too. If I were ready to have a child in 2 years I would try to plan that it would be born on November 11th, at 11:11:11 in the morning. I would some how make the child’s name correspond to 11 as well. But my life won’t be equipt for an infant by then unfortunately. :(.

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13. I felt bad for it, getting snubbed in high rise buildings and all these people thinking it is so bad. I adopted it as my lucky number.

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@Les In that case, happy Friday the 13th!

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@daloon: Thanks! There are two Friday the 13ths this year. This will be an extra lucky year for me!

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It was my jersey # when I was in the junior soccer league.
I like it :)
That’s my apartment #, and it’s been around my life like forever in several things! Also is Neo’s apartment number lol

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23, the first number I ever received in baseball. Now it just ends up on my beer league softball jerseys and at the end of my passwords when I am forced to include numbers for extra security. Please do not log into my bank account and clear out my savings. Thanks in advance.

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Yes, 7. It just seems to come up a lot.

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666. I have a mark under my hair that looks like three sixes. I’m told there were locusts present at my baptism.

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@toomuchcoffee911 Are you a synaesthete?

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I was born on the seventh, so naturally it has to be 7,
But i am always really lucky on the 13, so… i think its a tie.

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I have had the same pin number for every account for the last 28 years and no I am not sharing it.

Also I have a number that I use in every password for the last 10 years.

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it has no special significance or sign, i just like the form of it, how its an even number, and how simple it is. ha.

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I rode the 68th bus for a while, and always seemed to get on the 68th chairlift.
When I was in elementary school, I participated in a raffle and my ticket # was 68 and I won!

I guess it’s just my own lucky number. :)

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@les – actually there are 3 of them this year! feb, mar, nov

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no, seriously since I was born under the sign of cancer

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I just like it for some reason.

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7 for me too—my birthday is 7/7.

Fascinating how into numbers we (our little species) is—hoping, it seems, to make some sense out of the randomness of our world.

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8 is lucky for Asians. Augus 8, 2008 was a big day for weddings and 4 is an unlucky number. No 4th floor or 4’s in street addresses.

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@harp somewhat… not as strongly as some people, I am.

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9. and 3.

any multiple of 3 is good for me.

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5, although I have no idea why. I’ve just always been partial to the number. The only external “significance” I’ve been able to really attach to the number is that it’s my number according to numerological calculations.

Oddly enough, the descriptions I’ve read for 5 actually describe me pretty well and tie in fairly closely with my MBTI.

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@amanderveen – My numbers for the big paths and goals and personality and whatnot, according to numerological calculations, are either 1 or 11. And then I think ‘Well, schiesse!

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No I don’t believe in luck and I don’t like numbers. Numbers usually mean I have to do math.

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I like 33 too bad i just saw this question and am the 34th response :P

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I will switch with you if you want my spot.

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ok, let’s do that.

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Ask a mod it. Anything is possible!

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@Harp, are you? Letters, words, and numbers (= colors) and music (= colors, shapes, patterns, images) for me.

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@Jeruba No, just envious.

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when i got to play bingo with The Used, that’s the last number on my card that i bingo’ed and won a free t-shirt from Jepha Howard with.

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I never knew my favorite #....someone help….

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I’m shocked it isn’t 90.

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I wish I could give you more than 1 GA.

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12 and 42

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I was born on the eighth day of the eighth month. Unfortunately, it wasn’t 1888 or 1988, so that’s about as far as it goes. I like the number 8, and when it falls over on its side, it represents infinity. What’s not to like about that?

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7 & 9 have always been my favourite numbers. It also happens to be my birthday.
And now 5 is a favourite number. My son was born on the 5th, and we got married on a 5th. I want our second child born on a day with a 5 too..but that’s just me being crazy about numbers.

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Of single-digit numbers, my favorites are 1, 5, 6, 7, and 9. (My #1 choice of those is most definitely 9.) I especially dislike 3, 4, and 8. I am on the fence about 0 and 2, and usually, my like/dislike of them depends on their context.

I hardly ever like 3 or 4 in any context, but 8 is acceptable if it is combined with another number I like. 18 is okay. And even though I’m on the fence about 2, I do like “twenty,” so 28, surprisingly enough, is good.
Unfortunately, I will need to spend two decades unable to escape from 3s or 4s. “Thirty” is certainly better than “forty” though. At least I’ll be one of the few to view “fifty” as a relief.

Everything considered, my favorite three-digit number is 917, and my favorite four-digit number is 5178 (which could be considered surprising, considering my dislike of 8 by itself).

Favorite two-digit numbers include: 19, 59, and 71.

My favorite numbers became special to me simply because of the aesthetic value of both the number and the number word. None is significant because of any emotional value.

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I never imagined that someone could have such a strong affinity for certain numbers…with that said….
Nine is a schizophrenic number flip it and it’s a six..I mean come on.
Dislike 8— it’s the symbol for infinity if you lay it down.. What’s not to like about that?
But you’ve certainly blown me away with your love of 917 and 5178….Those ruffians are bad news… Have you seen there parents 2751 and 15534? I am sorry, they just can’t be trusted.

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@toomuchcoffee911 My favourite colour is also green, and my special number is 3. I’m curious as to the connection.

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@gooch – I’m still waiting for you to switch places with me…

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i have returned with a better answer.
number nine.

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I’m sorry but 7 8 9.
And then of course there’s the lovely Jeri Ryan or 7 of 9.. who come to think of it may be a “9”.
perhaps the only Star Trek reference you will ever see me make…

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…hmm i’ll have to come back to this. weird when i saw it i thought of the color green

if green was a number my favorite number would be green..maybe 7 though? because 7 seems green to me

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It’s not easy being green

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haha kermit the frog?

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Born on the 16th

It appears twice at the beginning of my social security number

It always comes up in those shitty lucky number things from fortune cookies that come with Chinese takeout.

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Especially when Blossom Dearie sings about it at the end of a song about 8..

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1729. It’s known as the Hardy-Ramanujan number because of an anecdote in which British mathematician G. H. Hardy went to visit his friend and fellow mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. He had taken a taxi numbered 1729 and remarked to Ramanujan that it was a particularly dull number. Ramanujan responded “not at all, it is a very interesting number! it is the lowest positive number expressible as the sum of two cubes in two different ways!” ( and they are incidentally (1^3)+(12^3) and (9^3)+(10^3). ) It also has lots of other complicated and apparently interesting properties that mathematicians and other extraordinarily bored people like me care about. There are also lots of running jokes about it in the Simpsons and Futurama if anyone watches those shows.

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the number 8. I like the way it looks, two circles. It has symmetry that is the only explanation I can find!

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@Just_Justine, and if you turn it on its’ side, it’s the symbol for infiniteeeeee!

Thanks, Schoolhouse Rock!

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