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Potential animal abuse what would you do?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) July 4th, 2010

You are taking a stroll and you see a young man (late teen to early 20s) beating a sack against a large tree with all his might.

You: “What are you doing that for?”
He: “Making sure all the f****** kittens inside are dead”
You: “If there is kittens in there why would you want to kill them?”
He: “Because this is the 3rd f****** litter in a year and a half and I am tired of the little crying m***** f******. (menacing) Yo, dog, why don’t you keep moving I am kinda busy here”

What would be your move, or what would you do?

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….. fuck no. Jump that bitch and steal the sack.

(I assume I’m hearing some cries or sounds from the sack.)

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Oh my god! That’s horrific! Call the RSPCA or if you’re in America – whatever the equivalent is! Why don’t people like that just get their cats neutered. I feel physically sick after reading that… I have two cats and sad as it may be they’re two of the most important things in my life – thinking about poor little babies being subjected to that makes me think there’s some people in this world that deserve the same punishment at birth… GRRR!!!!!!

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P.S. – PLEASE tell me this is hypothetical and didn’t really happen?

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I second that request

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@Hypocrisy_Central have just read your profile and am feeling rather relieved! I take it this is a question of ethics and discussion of potential reactions? I stand my by emotionally led response. :)

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I’d report him to whatever authorities deal with such matters. Local police officials should be able to direct you.

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Potential animal abuse? How can smashing a sack full of kittens against a tree for the purpose of killing them not be actual animal abuse? Report him. Report him to anyone and everyone. Get the son of a bitch arrested for cruelty to animals.

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WTFH IS UP WITH THAT F***ING ASS! Killing poor kittens…I would kick him in the balls then steal the sack. Make sure the cats are all right….I would never hurt an animal. (dogs,cats, pets in general.) What have gotten into PEOPLE THESE DAYS!

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I’m not likely to talk to a man of any age I don’t know while walking my dog. If he was beating a sack against a tree and I saw him from a distance I’d probably cross the street to avoid him. Sadly, reporting it wouldn’t do much. The laws regarding animal abuse in my state are far too mild. If the man noticed me making a call, I’d be liable to endanger myself. My only hope is that whatever is in the sack, having already been hit against the tree at least once, is already dead, or soon will be.

My best efforts to protect animals against abuse lie in working toward stronger laws, not putting myself in danger.

I’ll rescue animals wherever I can, adopt rather than buy, trap & fix feral cats, work to strengthen laws, donate money, food, blankets & litter to no kill shelters.

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I’d say- hey, I’ll take those off your hands. Make it a simple transaction- he doesn’t want them, I do. Next step, ask for the momma cat- what kittens are left will need her. If he wouldn’t give me the cat then point him to our no-cost spay/neuter center. That didn’t work- walk on, but call the cops on my way, along with our local media/independent papers/local underground rescue groups.

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@MissCupid @Iclamae The question is a “what if” that came from a past incident of animal abuse of a dog where there was no mistaking the abuse the dog was hung by its collar and beaten with a shovel. The friend who witnessed it did not report it because there were only 3 witnesses and one was the guy’s G/F so if the authorities were to question him about it the finger would have been pointed to her or the other witness, and since he was known to be a very mean and bad man she did not want to get in the cross hairs as @netgrrl alludes to. Which then begged the question what if he said he was doing something not good to animals but you had no proof? How does that change the game plan? Some feel stray animals are more “throw away” than a pet which next to a human don’t fare much better. Make no mistake if I had seen such an incident live I would do something even if it were to stand between the sack and the tree, though some would call me a fool for risking an ass kicking by some pissed off young punk. I maybe old but for the 1st 40 seconds he would reap the whirl wind after that I most likely would get mopped, but se la vi. If he had a weapon……..well that might make me call the cops from a distance and get it on SD card if I have my camera with me.

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I would offer to take the kittens and if he refused I would take them from him and then beat his ass with a sack filled with rocks.

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Drop kick the pussy & trample on his ballsack.

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I never find such terrible person in reality but…if I’m in that situation then I’ll ask for the kitten and maybe offer him some money in return. I won’t bother to report this person if he accept my offer but if her refuse then I’ll walk away and secretly report this to the authority(but unfortunately there’s no such organization for animal protection in my country,and the police department will just ignore this problem).

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I would ask him why he hasn’t considered having his cat spayed, since this seems to be a reoccurring problem, ask for the bag of kittens, then go home, call Animal Control and report him, and then call the police, because people who hurt/abuse animals generally also hurt people.

People who are violent and do not understand consequences of their actions (owning an unspayed cat means you will have kittens if you either own unneutered male cats or let your unspayed cat outside.) are quite scary. I would probably not walk that way again, and if coupled with other incidents, would probably give serious consideration to moving.

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Of course he should be reported and you should safely take pictures of the abuse. This man is a danger to humans and animals. He is violent and dangerous. I would not try to stop him because he would require a threat bigger than him to stop his violence. Follow up the report so the authorities know you are very serious about how dangerous this person is.

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I’d call the cops ASAP! That’s a crime! Oh, the poor kittens! But if he’d beat on small, defenseless creatures, he’d have no compunction against hurting you or someone else.

The only spanner in the works is that you wouldn’t know who he is for the cops to find him! >:(

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Sigh…how heartbreaking.

I’d surmise the kittens are were already gravely injured if not dead. I would call the police immedietly, or as soon as possible with a description of the person

Of course, any sane persons reaction would be to want to beat the tar outta the perp. must be safe and practical about intervention of abuse.

I wish I hadn’t read this. :-(

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I would not approach this hypothetical guy. If I thought he wouldn’t notice I would take a picture, copy that picture a hundred times and post flyers around the whole neighborhood. I’d also take that picture and show it to the proper authorities. I’d also try to scope out where the guy lives so I could send the authorities to the proper address.

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This is horrible! If this were to really happen my emotional side probably would have taken over I am an animal rights activist. I probably would have tried to take the kitten from him, and even the mother cat and father if they were around. Take them off his hands since there would be more kittens after this batch. After taking them I would bring them to a no kill shelter and make a report with the ASPCA. Then I would call the newspapers. And if he got off free, I would most likely make his life a living hell and vandalize the crap out of his house for months on end under the cover of darkness.

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@Trance24 Yikes! Remind me never to p*ss you off! ;)

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@MissCupid Just dont f@ck with animals and we are all good.

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Call the police. Right there in front of him.

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This is quite horrible. agree with @primigravida.
Other instances, however, can be much muddier: At a dinner gathering several years ago an elderly veterinarian who lived on a farm talked about how she had just put her cat’s kittens in a sack and drowned them in the pond. I almost choked on my food. She was basically a sensible decent woman and was probably dealing with overpopulation of barn cats but why it was with deaths of kittens rather than neutering the barn cats I do not know. This was many years ago, but even if it happened today U would be sickened but certainly would not consider reporting her.

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I’d certainly run to him and take the sack away, then take the kittens to the vet if they’re still alive. Dont care if he wants to beat me. Gosh. In Korea, they eat dogs. How they kill it? The most cruel animal abuse you could ever imagine

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@anartist that’s not true. I would report her. Particularly if she refused to get her cats neutered.

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I would walk away from the guy so that he thought I wouldn’t do anything. I would then come back discreetly, probably with some stronger friends to back me up, and I’d follow the guy home to find out where he lived. Then I would report his animal abuse to the proper authorities. Anyone who is insane enough to smash a bag of kittens against a tree in public is not someone I want to be dealing with hand-to-hand at all. This is a situation in which I would defer to the police to resolve. Anyone who treats a helpless animal like that is a monster, hands down. There are many more humane ways to deal with excessive animals.

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