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Emergency: Dog hit in the eye, quite bad condition. Help!

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) July 5th, 2010

got whacked in the eye, it bled a bit.
Is now swollen. He kept it closed overnight and still is.
When I slightly opened it seems the inner lids are swollen and bloodshot red, at least it looks like the inner lids.
At first the eye (last night) appeared to not even be there, but I’m quite sure it is, underneath those two thick layers of wounded flesh.
Am very concerned please, all help is very much appreciated. Couldn’t find much of anything on the net, (I have to do things on my own, here)
And in my conditions it’s difficult to contact a vet, that’s just how it is where I live, so please don’t waste your time typing an answer if you have the intention of replying: “I’d go to a vet” et al.
Thank you in advance, good people…

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I’m almost literally… shi**ing in my pants…
please share your minds…

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If you really can’t get to a vet the first thing you need to do is flush the eye to prevent infection, if you don’t have any saline solution then clean warm water should be fine, you need to flush the eye for a couple of minutes if you can get your dog to keep still. This should help lessen irritation and the chances of infection, it will also help bring the swelling out quicker and aid healing. After that the best thing you can do is keep it clean, and keep monitoring him. You’re gonna want to keep him inside aswell. Don’t dress it, cos air needs to get to it. Eye injuries can be serious and if it gets infected you may be looking at blindness in one eye, or even the death of your animal (not trying to scare you) so if it does start to look bad, you really need to find someone to treat him with antibiotics or something similar

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Don’t prise his eye open when you are flushing it or anything, you could damage it further. Just gently run a continual stream of clean warm water over his eye for a few minutes. Gently dry around it with something that wont shed fibres, and bed him down. Talk to him, make him feel safe, and repeat a few times over the next few days.

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@Chrissi85 Perfect that’s helpful.. ok thank you…now what about the red fleshy part underneath the ‘first’ eyelids…. it’s concealing the eye… and I don’t want to ply them open to see whether it’s still there or not..

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do you know anything about what the hell that could be..
is it broken flesh…
F**k I feel like I’m twelve and impotent..
That’s my baby… that dog

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Oh and you should probably boil the water and let it cool. As for that, I am no expert, but for now I would leave it well alone until the swelling goes down a bit and you can assess the damage better, it sounds like the eyes normal reaction to an injury (like how puffy and closed they get when someone gets punched in the eye). Poking at it is a really bad idea. Dude it’s ok I know, I have 2 ferrets and they are my babies, my Ry had a really scary accident and I was so freaked out I froze up and nearly puked. Gonna try and sort it, people will probably yell at you about going to the vets though, just so you know

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Yes I did what you suggest as soon as it happened last night, I used some lukewarm water, though… I held him to my chest all night, he slept and is able to walk and get on/off the bed without wobbling , thank the arcane heavens…

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Ok had a little brainstorming session with all my friends ( we have a zoo’s worth of pets between us) and after you have flushed his eye (gently) maybe you should try a cool compress, sort out the swelling

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@Chrissi85 Thank you and your friends very much for the brainstorming.. I appreciate and welcome your help… whenever I can return it..
Ok so cool water, no ice, right..

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You must rinse its eyes with cold water or salt solution for eyes(use the one for human if you don’t have the specific one). Please lock its mouth first or restrain it for temporary in case it will fight back or even injure you. Are you sure it’s really that bad? You can put some honey around where the wound persist to cure its skin.

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yeah like a cool damp cloth that wont leave fibres in his eye. Like I say I am not a vet, and I expect people will have lots of different advice. It’s what I’d do though. Mainly try not to panic, you are doing everything you can. Oh and wash your hands like crazy before and after you touch his wounded area. @Doctor_D ooh yeah, honey is a natural anti-bacterial, good thinking

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thank you so very much
I’ll let you know…
I hope….I hope…

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@Anatelostaxus poor baby! I’m so sorry I don’t know what to add to the above, is he eating and drinking normally? please make sure he’s drinking, even a little at a time is good, if he doesn’t feel like it, you could gently dip your fingers and see if he’ll lick water from them, my baby yorkie did that when he was ill. It’s very serious if fur babies get dehydrated. He’ll need to eat to keep his strength up too, but he’ll be in pain so might not feel like eating, so maybe tempt him with one of his favourite foods? Sending mountains of hugs and best wishes for your wee angel and for you too for caring about him so much. Anyone who knows me would tell you my furbabies are my world so I can understand what you’re going through. I’ll keep you both in my thoughts, please keep us updated on how he is? <hugs> xx

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If the blow to the eye was severe enough it could also rupture or detach the cornea, which is a very serious condition.

Also, depending on the trauma to the eye and face, it is also possible he has a fractured cheek or fractured orbital socket, as well as a potential concussion.

If you truly cannot get medical attention for him all you can do is follow the others advice.

IF the swelling does not diminish within 72 hours, at least somewhat, or if he is lethargic, disoriented, any neurological symptoms such as loss of coordination, staggering, at that point without medical attention it is impossible to predict any outcome.

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please post an update as to how things turn out.

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Yeah please let us know, I am worried. hope everything goes well and your companion is ok, hope I helped a little

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For future readers: There are 24 hour emergency dog hospitals all over the country. My vet has an emergency number on her answering machine when we call after hours. Post a pet hospital number with your emergency numbers on you refrigerator or near your phone.

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At last know the eye is one of the fastest healing organs and dogs have several lids to protect against injury, there’s a good chance your critter is okay.

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@Neizvestnaya @YARNLADY @Chrissi85 @jca @Coloma @bunnygrl @Doctor_D
Thank you, lovely people.

Here’s the update:
He’s healed completely now.
Strangely last night his eye watered a little bit more than usual.. but I understood it was not to be worried about.
He’s absolutely fine and you should see him play.
A few days after the incident, he bumped into things as he tried to play.
So I preferred carrying him through.
You also should’ve seen my older dogs licking and treating his wound…

Treatment, Love and Nature have healed once again.

just got back a few days ago, so amongst the first things I had to do when I reactivated my internet connection was this—to let you folks know how things went. You were helpful and have showed compassion. I love that and I love bonafide people.

Well hope you’re as happy as I am!
Cheers again, folks… meet you soon in another question ;)

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Thank you for letting us know! I was thinking about you and your pooch just the other day in fact, wondering how you got on. So glad he has recovered =) the eye watering thing is normal, just fixing itself. Phew! Glad we could help.

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Good to hear! Not everyone posts a follow up, I’m glad you did.

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