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Would you make a purchase under the table to avoid what you feel is an unfair tax?

Asked by Auntie_Em (186points) July 6th, 2010

When the government wants to tax second-hand clothing it just gripes my gore that their hands are so deep into our pockets, especially pockets that can’t afford it. There must be some way of controlling the outpour into the government coffers. Sorry, it’s not so much of an outpour as a sucking vacuum. Is buying under the table something you would consider? BTW, I am not referring specifically to used clothing. I mean some purchases in general.

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I’ve sure been tempted and I might just have done something like that from time to time.

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No, because we live under the rule of law and those who passed the tax laws were voted into office by the people, of whom I am one. Are taxes too steep and too numerous? Absolutely! Should we work to reduce them? Definitely! But it does no one any good when we avoid paying, or refuse to pay our taxes. How can we speak of “illegal aliens” when we illegally avoid paying taxes?

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If it has sellable value, then it produces income for someone and is taxable.

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I often price shop online for items I know I want and I’ll choose the site with no shipping and no tax as my first choice.

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I have been known to travel to cities with no tax on certain items to avoid paying the tax. I travel for free which I know most people can’t do but….I bought my last computer in Portland, OR because of no sales tax. I have bought a lot of clothes in MN because of no tax there on clothes. It is what it is.

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Cash is king and everything’s negotiable. I even negotiate with my dentist. Sales tax is optional. I pay 10.00 to go over a bridge. Are you kidding me?

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The problem is the fact that government compels you, under penalty of law, to do something that is immoral. Forcing merchants to collect a tax on behalf of the government is immoral, and you must participate in this travesy if you are going to participate in the legal market place. Taxing consumption is less immoral than taxing production to be sure but I do not blame you for being indignant about paying taxes that are so gratuitious that it is insulting. Not to mention “fees” that you pay, that are nothing more than taxes.

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The states need to get the money from somewhere. In states that don’t have sales tax, they generally have higher state income tax requirements to make up the difference. I wouldn’t try to buy something under the table from a vendor, but I guess you could consider yardsales as a way to buy second hand merchandise while avoiding paying sales tax.

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Hands down yes. Our Canadian government just keeps going further and further with unrealistic taxation, and I’ve long since been disillusioned with politics to think that anyone will actually make it better. It’s always one step forward to secure two steps back.

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