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Do you laugh out loud?

Asked by zenele (8242points) July 7th, 2010

I don’t very often – wish I did. I know it’s very healthy for you – stress and blood pressure and well-being et al.

But I don’t.

LOL doesn’t count; it’s just three letters for me. I don’t really laugh out loud much – do you?

What can trigger loud laughter? What can elicit huge guffaws? What can provoke an avalanche of mirth, what can cascade into convulsions of smiles and mirth and musical mayhem?

What makes you laugh?

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11 Answers

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I certainly do:)
Life makes me laugh.

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yes…..i do…stupid sit coms and funny flutherites make me laff

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At least once a day. More often than I orgasm out loud.

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I have some crazy friends that are always giving me something to bust a gut over!! E-mail is a beautiful thing!

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All the time. I find that watching certain comedians’ stand-up videos gets me laughing out loud, as do many sitcoms. I made a conscious effort a few years ago to laugh out loud when I found something hysterical, and it helped me get used to it, so now I do it all the time. I also read jokes online, humorous stories, etc.

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I do laugh ot loud a fair bit especially if I am with my dad, boyfriend or best friend, Vikki. Those people all have the ability to crack me up. There isn’t much better than a good belly laugh!

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I laugh out loud often, several times a day.

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Sure, I laugh out loud almost every day. Watching a Python, Mr. Show, Kids in the Hall or Looney Tune clip helps.

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I laugh out loud several times every day. It doesn’t take much. I certainly feels good :)

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I think I laugh rather easily. I have a broad sense of humor, and lots of things can set it off.

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My kids and I routinely laugh out loud with each other. We’re goofy like that. My best friend and I can barely get through any activity without descending into hysterics. We’re good for each other’s souls. Sadly, we don’t see each other too often these days. :(

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