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Would you try to stop your cat from peeing in the drain?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26165points) July 8th, 2010


It’s true. My cat pees in the drains. He pees in the shower drain, he LOVES to pee in the sinks. He literally squats his tush right down over the drain and does his thing. He has never tried to use the drains for anything else (obviously I wouldn’t be thrilled if my cat took a dump in the sink.)
He has done this for years and I’ve always wondered if it was something I should have stopped him from doing. I don’t mind it at all. It saves me on litter and he literally gets right up to the drain – so it isn’t like he is leaving urine puddles anywhere. I just pour some vinegar and hot water down, and it’s all gone.

So what do you think? Is it gross that I let my cat do that? Or is it actually pretty clever?
Would you stop your cat?

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Hmm… tough choice. If I were in your shoes I would totally keep the cat doing what it’s doing – less litter, less smells, and the ammonia in the cat pee might even help to clean the drains. When I get cats I will be training them to use the toilet for both #1 and #2 – less mess, less smell, and I absolutely love the idea of a friend going to use the toilet and seeing it being already occupied by a cat. Sure some people might think it’s weird, but plenty of things in life are weird. If it saves you effort and you are happy with it, I’d say keep it as is!

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@dynamicduo I’ve honestly thought to myself so many times that this cat would be an ideal candidate for toilet training. He really wants nothing to do with peeing in the litter box (though he will defecate in the box).

**** EDIT: I really should have added that he IS healthy. I know that cats will sometimes urinate on cool surfaces if they have a UTI or similar health issue, but, this is just a habit of his.. he’s a healthy kitty.

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Well it’s better than peeing all over the floor and the sofa etc.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I’d say give it a shot then! The only problem I see is the cat being too familiar with doing its own thing in regards to #1, but perhaps you could train it to do #2 on the toilet, thereby drastically reducing your litter maintenance tasks. Worse comes to worse you can sell the cat toilet training ring on Craigslist.

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I think it’s okay… do clean up and it does save on litter. I like your kitty.

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Now that’s what I like to see, a nice clean well mannered pussy ;¬}

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No, I’d encourage it, though I might try to get it to use one sink. I might even buy a sink and install it someplace that can be the cat’s personal toilet.

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@ucme hahaha

@Zaku that is probably my only complaint – that he goes from sink to sink or drain to drain. I wish that I could teach him to use just one specifically. One of “his” drains is in the basement, on the floor, in an area that absolutely no one uses. If he would only use THAT drain I would be an extra happy camper.

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My grandparents had a cat that did the same thing in their bathtub. That cat then taught their other two cats to do it too. They tried to get them to stop, but that was a very persistent group of kitties. I vote to let him keep doing his “thing”.

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My aunt’s cat pees and poops into the bathtub and they both say it’s better that way.

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I would much rather they do that then have to clean a litter box all the time.

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I wouldn’t allow my cat to pee in the bathtub, but I wouldn’t mind if he started using the bathroom sink. I would definitely have to stop him if he started using the kitchen sink, though.

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I would not mind if my cat peed in the shower drain…maybe even be happy it is not smelling up a cat box in the house. However I would be putting something unstable around the sinks to keep him off the counter tops. Poop in the house anywhere… No Way.

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He observed you dispose of bodily waste and followed suit!
He’s no fool, he doesn’t want a gunky litterbox.PEEEUUUUU

I have outdoor cats, but when one of my cats was shut in because she was ill, she peed down the tub drain [and I had set up a temporary litterbox]

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I’d leave him be if he were mine. At least it saves you from a more messy cleanup in the litterbox if he has one.

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I have to say I’m really surprised that no one thought this was disgusting.

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I think it’s gross. I would never. Just thinking about rinsing my face 6 inches away from wear my cat just pissed grosses me out. I can’t see how the drains wouldn’t smell immediately after the cat urinated in it.

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@tinyfaery I suppose it helps that I don’t wash my face in the sink, yes. Good call.

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@TheOnlyNeffie – well i guess some pet lovers are more tolerant than others. I’m a cat lover – short of ripping the curtains to shreds, mine can do whatever they want (within reason of course, haha).

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@TheOnlyNeffie of all the places a cat could pee that are gross, including an overripe litterbox, they pick a drain? Get rid of their waste and smell? That shows such incredible intelligence on the part of the animal, such awareness of sanitary behavior that it is hard to be grossed out.

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One more vote for smart cat. Don’t fix what’s not broken!

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@NaturallyMe I’m the same way. It’s kind of terrible, but if I’m really honest with myself – this is my cats’ house, not mine. haha.

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@TheOnlyNeffie -Well hey, we just want our babies to be happy, right? :D

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