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Just for fun: What are your cats' names?

Asked by girlofscience (7537points) August 11th, 2008

Inspired from there being another Milo.

Lots of flutherers have babyboy and babygirl cats we love, who have special names! What are your babies’ names, and why? Do they have the same last name as you?

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My babygirl’s name is Ilsa. Her daddy named her after Ingrid Bergman’s character in his favorite movie, Casablanca. Her last name is hyphenated: my last name first, her daddy’s last name second.

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No cats currently. My last two were Bianca (white of course) and Baby (not named by me!).Two girls.

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@Marina: Bianca is cute.

Who named the other one Baby? On a related note, do you disagree with adoptive owners renaming their adoptive cat-children? If so, why? If not, why not?

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Ike and Ziggy.

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Franklin “Franky” D. Roosevelt and Eleanor “Ellie” Roosevelt.


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Tiger (orange tabby) and Smokey (all grey), Very original, huh?

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Random.. She showed up one day and never left. The name seemed fitting.

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I don’t think people adopting a cat should change it’s name. I think it would be too confusing, especially if they’ve had that name for years!

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That assumes you know the cat’s name. I didn’t.

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I have two baby kitten. I just got them two days ago. My tiger and white one which has 6 toes on both front claws we named Cuddles. Unfortunately for our pure black one which is also a girl does not have a name yet.We are trying to think of one for her.

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Mine are Memnoch and Midnight. Midnight is our younger one. He’s only 1 year old. We actually call him The Pigginz or Little Pig. Not because he’s fat (he’s actually quite slinky), but because he enthusiastically pushes his way into every activity and/or event and tries to take it over.

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Sophie and Jett.

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My cats name is Fluffy, BUT- it’s only named that cliched name because my sister at the age of six got to name her! I know my cat hates her name, because when I call her “fluffy” she makes this weird low noise. She is such a she-devil!

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I recently became the proud owner of three small kittens: Monty, Mello, and Snowbell. They were named by the same two young gentlemen that named the Russian Mob (hamsters) Hairy and Fatty, which I thought was very observant at the time.
Were I to re-name the kittens based on physical attribute, they would have been “Stinky,” “Stump,” and “Horns.”
They rumpus constantly. They are rumpusing as I type. My curtains are doomed.

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Does anyone know of a good name for a pure black kitten with a sister named cuddles they are both about 7 or 8 weeks old.

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Heh, “rumpusing,” how cute.

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Her given name….
...Of course we call her “Boogie”

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@redgirl4eva: Betty.

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scraps aka scrappys he’s a striped male tabby he has problems with his hind legs his brain dosent tell him where to put them so it looks like he’s walking on ice

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Madame Pomfrey.
Dufflepud (from C.S. Lewis, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader).
Impeccare (Imp for short).

You can name her anything, because she’ll only answer to “kitty, kitty, kitty” when you feed her. Wonder what she’ll name you…?

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Bootsie. He’s adopted and was already close to two months when we adopted him; however, we believe he has a calling, as Satan’s Henchman. He is perfectly evil!

He is very calculating, like most cats are; however, he’s plotting against the humans in the house. He’s formed an unholy alliance with the dog! The poor dog is a bit of a dingy and it seems as if the cat really uses her in his plans.

After he executes his plans, he then comes over and loves on you.

He also answers to the following:

the ruler
Mr. Boots

He truly is a gorgeous cat and when he allows you to pay attention to him, he’s very loving.

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Deitz was the cat my parents had before I was born. I think her original name was Frisky but when my father used to call her back inside, he called her “kitty” and he’d yell, “Here, ki-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee!” I translated that into “Dees” which somehow became “Deitz.” She died when I was sixteen. I’d never lived a day of my life without a cat, so I got another one pretty quickly. He was called Dante. He only lived to be three or four and then he was hit by a car. (On purpose, judging by the tire marks on the road.) I decided I get too attached to cats, so I haven’t gotten another one.

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Tyra, Venus, and Skywalker (my daughter named him). All indoor cats.

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All named after characters from John Wayne films (hubby’s favorite): Katy (all black little roly-poly, completely graceless), Chance (sleek, bright orange tiger), and a new outdoor stray we’ve “adopted” as our porch cat, Rooster (tiny little faded orange tiger, w/ siamese facial features).

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Sebastian, and Abbey. They’re awesome cats, both bengal cat breeds

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ooohh, I love bengals…but my new favorite is the scottish fold. So darn cute!

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Jade, Keeley and Scout

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randommrdan- i had a lizard named sebastian, what a good name :)

my cat’s name is, well, his first given name was pumpernickel, because he showed up on my neighbor’s doorstep with a piece of pumpernickel bread in his mouth. once we adopted him, we started calling him things like mister buddy and mister mister (i’m still not sure why), which turned into mister fat boy as he got accustomed to being an inside cat and gained some poundage, which turned into “MIHHHH!”, a whiney,shortened version of the whole “mister whatever” deal. it’s hard to say his name without yelling or whining since it’s such an awkward sound, haha.

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My cats are Anila – the mom – and Miette, her baby. Both female obviously, and I named them. Anila means “child of the wind” and I chose the name for her because she quite literally blew in with the wind one day. It was a very blustery day and there she was. She adopted our backyard, so in turn, we adopted her. When her single kitten was born, I chose the name Miette, because she seemed smaller than normal and delicate, so it fit. The name fits her to this day, because she is smaller than normal and very dainty looking. :) However, she’s half Manx, so she’s very feisty sometimes, but I think her name adds an element of surprise.

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My daughter as a young child had an imaginary friend that was a cat named Dewitt. She said it was a Siamese cat. One day we surprised her with a siamese cat and said look do you know this little guy. Her reply was, “Well yes it’s Dewitt he has been here a while you mean you never saw him before”.

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@gooch Aww. I love that story!! =^..^=

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Judge and Jury

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Abner (deceased), Oliver (Ollie) and Harold. Old man names just seem to fit cats.

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My orange tabby, O.J. just passed away. I adopted him and named him just as O.J. Simpson was taking his infamous freeway ride in his buddy, Al Cowling’s Ford Bronco, making my O.J. about 14 years when he passed. I felt a bit rotten naming him O.J., but after all, he was orange and Simpson was innocent until proven guilty (but alas, in a strange twist of fate and some very shabby police work, Simpson was guilty but judged innocent though thankfully, his wallet will never be the same). And, my O.J. was an angel and never ever wore gloves.

That leaves Thomas, aka Tom-Tom, aka my GPS guy, adopted from sccrowell’s daughter who moved out of state. He was quite the hunter at a very young age so we put a bell on his collar to warn potential victims. His hunting continued fairly successfully in spite of the bell which he grew to love so much, he now raises bloody hell if he loses his collar and/or the bell and won’t shut up until another bell and collar is placed securely around his neck. He is quite the talker as well as a flirt and successfully works the entire neighborhood daily for petting, cat treats and food.

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Truck [she was thrown out of a truck and we stopped and got her]

And Ciccone: [Madonna’s last name]

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We have three burmese. Two brown torti girls, Chloe and Bindi, and their nephew (he is a lilac), Lister.

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megalongcat, what a good one

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I agree! Rasputen is such a rad name. I think of a cool black cat. ;)

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I used to have an all black cat as a child. His name was Magick, but he died. =(.

This cat, Rasputen, is still a little kitten, though much of a curious badass. White with tiger stripes and little spots on its nose. I wish I had pictures for you.

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I used to feed three stray cats when I first moved to San Diego. I named them Phillip Clipper, Desmond, and Charles C. Scar. Charles C. Scar was a war-torn Tom. Desmond was a shaggy, cross-eyed black and white cat.

And Phillip…That’s a good story. Phillip just looked like a Phillip, and one day as I was walking across a random parking lot it came to me that his full name should actually be Phillip Clipper. No good reason at all. Well, a few weeks later, a neighbor from a few doors down came looking for her gray and white cat, whose name was Phillip. She had been in the hospital for a while and had just gotten out. It turned out that Phillip’s name was actually Phillip, and he wasn’t a stray after all! The Clipper, I figured out, was referring to his clipped ear which was done by the Feral Cat Association to show that Phillip (who had once-upon-a-time been a stray) had been neutered, vaccinated and tagged by them. I think that he must have somehow communicated to me that his name was Phillip Clip-Ear! Crazy, huh?

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i wish you had pictures too! sounds adorable!

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I have a Russian Blue called Tattiana, but we only call her that when she’s in trouble. Otherwise it’s Tatty.

Our other cat is black and white like a Magpie so she’s called Maggie.

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all from yesteryears…

Cammie, a calico

Ty, a silver Tabby

Zam, an all black longhaired

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Roshi, it’s Japanese and translates as something like “Wise old man”
Thumbelina—a beautiful chubby 6-toed tortie.

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My cat’s name is “Pablo Cookie Copernicus Danger Puff Ball Smith Standish-White”, referred to as Pablo or more frequently just as kitty(!).

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haha okay blue I won’t ask why, but… Do you really call him by the full name?

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mika (not because of the band) she’s 6yrs old and I had never heard of them back then.

Chiquita (small one in Spanish)

17/seventeen (she has a two finger paw :( )

Pelua (hairy one in spanish – a persa ;) )

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I have four male Siamese cats. Their names are as follows: Tarot, Karma, Zen, & Otto.

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and Dory

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I have Bo, a marmalade tabby Maine Coon… and her nicknames are Poof, Pouf (pronounced powf or pow-eff), Poofy, Poofington, Poopbutt Shitass MeowMeow with all that long hair sometimes she gets dingles :(

… and her sister Mookie who is also marmalade tabby but just a regular old shorthaired cat. Her nicknames are Mook, The Mook, Mookington, Mookiedook, Mookindook, Stupe she’s not too bright

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Muffin & Dusty

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And my other cats in my lifetime were Tiny, Rusty (Tiny’s mother), Tom & Jerry, Doogan, Bandit, Odie, Ghost, and Q.

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Hah there’s some pretty good ones in here. My cat’s names over my lifetime, in chronological order (note I only named the last three):

Shauna, Boris, Sissy, George, Katie, Daisy, Picasso and Ruben.

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@PandM: So that’s where the name came from…

@Marina: I had a cat named Baby, too. While trying to come up with a name for the kitten, we called her baby kitty…and never came up with anything better, so Baby stuck.

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We have an old gray cat named Abbey that we often call Crabby Abbey. I’m sure you can guess why. We also have a little crazy kitty named Angel. My son named her when he was 6.

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@cak: We should introduce my Abbey to your Bootsie because we always say that Abbey is Satan’s lap cat. :)

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2 black cat, Minou and Minoune

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I took Q to the vet to get fixed and everyone at the vet’s office looked at me like I had seven heads when I told them her name was Q.

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Ibanez, IB for short. She is seventeen and amazing. Then devil cat Sophie, or Sofaloaf. She terrorizes my poor innocent old cat. She is cute as heck though. Not as cute as IB mind you.

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Daniel and Jackson. Angus died in march of old age.

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@stevenb: I love sofaloaf! That’s funny.

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Mine’s name was Moonlight

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Vernon, Percy, and Butch. We just lost Chloe, and my childhood cat was Buffy.

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My lifetime of cats: Taffy, Sooty (almost all black), Emily Anne, Gus(topher) Ono (our Hawaiian cat), Shadow, Evie, Twilight Blue (all Russian Blues).

@poof, also called willnots (as they will not come off). Maine Coons are cool.

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When I was little we had a small female Siamese named pinky rump-a chinky. I was about four or five and all I remember was her little pink butt. Sad but true. I loved that cat though. She was a sweety.

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@Stevenb: she seems like she was adorable! :) cute name.

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@TheHaight, she was, thanks!

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Wilbur Francis, Tuffy, Peggy, Manita, Colcha

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Maximillian (Max)

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@crise 5 cats. Yay. I’m not crazy.

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My husband and I adopted 2 little sister kitties and we decided we would each name one. I named mine Tanzit and he named his Jackson Battleship (we call her Jackie for short)

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Shakira….shes 8 (and before the singer made her first song)

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My boy came with the name Reggie. He is Reggie Mr. Pants for formal situations. He will also answer to Mr. Pants (even my mom will call and ask about Mr. Pants…), Reggiepants, and Reggimite Sandwich.

(Recently I’ve been referring to him as a catten, not yet a cat, and no longer a kitten.)

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Her name was Swamp Thing (we found her in a swamp, hence the name)

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