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Looking to meet people in my area in upland california any ideas?

Asked by melty (24points) July 11th, 2010

i am elaina im 26 just moved to upland california and would like to find some people to hang out with watching movies, going out, goof off with, ect. are there any good websites to meet friends like this?

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Welcome to fluther @melty !
I live in southern Alberta, Canada (at the opposite end of I-15 from San Diego) and can offer you no specific advice about upland California.

Get involved in activities you enjoy and you will meet people who share your interests.

Bars and clubs will allow you to dance and so on but most people find sexual partners more than friends in such places. As an attractive woman, you don’t need to hang out in bars to find potential partners. I wish you luck in adjusting to your new locale.

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Try the website It lists activities that are going on in various geographical areas that you can sign up for and participate in. In addition to doing an activity you enjoy, you will start to meet people with whom you may have something in common.

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I second It is a wonderful sight for seeking out others who share similar interests.

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Where are you?

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@perspicacious – Upland is in the foothills of LA. It’s close to the Ontario AP. @melty – There are plenty of things to do in your area. If you find it too boring you can head into the Pasadena area. It’s fairly close. If you really want to go crazy jump on the Pomona Freeway and head for Hollywierd.

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