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How much do you trust the advice on Fluther?

Asked by beachwriter (360points) July 11th, 2010

I’m either a very trusting soul, or very gullible, or just adventurous. We’ll see. Thanks to Fluther, I’ve discovered several useful things, like However, reading the bad advice out there on how to get a book published makes me a little leery. That said, I took a Fluther leap of faith and booked a vacation to St. Cirq Lapopie, France, solely based on a mention right here. I also bought the travel laptop suggested when I asked on Fluther. Anyway, I anticipate good times ahead. We’ll see. Any experiences to share along these lines?

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The advice you get on Fluther is absolutely flawless and perfect. You can trust it with absolute certainty.

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The advice here is worth every penny I pay.

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Well, it really depends on the advice given. If I’m asking to see how to get a book published, I imagine Fluther is not as credible as, say, a publishing company’s website, so of course I’m going to take any advice from Flutherites who have never had any experience in book publishing with a grain of salt.

I don’t really have any issue with the advice given here, you just have to know about the circumstances in which it was given and try and find another source sometimes. Just like everywhere else on the internet. I just happen to find Fluther a little more personable.

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Depends on what the Q is and who is answering that particular Q.
I have gotten a lot from Fluther.
But of course, like @dverhey says, sometimes there more appropriate sources for particular answers.
But for a ‘generalist’ website, excellent. I have found a lot of knowledgeable jellies here.
@HungryGuy LOL
@filmfann and then some

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@beachwriter I’m a bit worried about your question as I’ve recently asked for advice about getting a book published and it’s been very mixed and not massively helpful – very negative!
I have, however, asked about where to visit when I go to America and the advice has been great!
I think it’s like anything you read on the internet – take it with a pinch of salt :)

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You have to decide for yourself. We just give advise…. you make the call!

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Some advice is wonderful (backed up with knowlege/experience), some advice is anecdotal and often
useful, and some advice is ludicrously awful or unfathomable.

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@gailcalled what does that mean?

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It is caveat emptor.

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gosh dang, you folks use some big words! i’m impressed!

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@BoBo1946 I was responding to the question not to what @gailcaled wrote. Unfathomable means unable to be fathomed (or understood).

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@marinelife yes, i knew that..and there is always google! I fathom what you are saying!

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After some time you get to know people. I trust Shilolo with medical stuff. I trust Robmandu with computer stuff. And I know enough to never ever trust PnL with anything involving electricity.

For the most part the worst bad advice will do here is cause me to fuck up my baked potato.

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I am having relaxed fun on Fluther and I trust that most here are too. I trust that Flutherites tell what they believe to be true. Does that make it true ? Welllll it depends… that ‘s why I read all the answers and research too. Experience and research are great teachers. Some people believe in continuing education. I think most Fluthers do or they would not be here inquiring and giving. Trust is earned. So notice who is growing. You have to participate :-) to Grow and experience to Trust

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Yes, after a time you get to know who on here knows what and who is talking out of their orifices… (said tongue in cheek)

I asked for advice on buying a new tv here a week and was really delighted with the help I got.

I was probably the one who recommended you vacation in St. Cirq Lapopie so I will be trembling in my boots until I hear you enjoyed it. But I have been all over France and it is perhaps my very favorite spot.

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I enjoy reading opinions, but that’s what they are. I usually have my own and they’re not likely changed here.

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It’s clear that many of the answers are erroneous.

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It depends on the subject, for me. There are things I don’t really ask Fluther because I feel they are too specific and would be a waste of my time, and those who have to read it. I post those on specialized websites instead.

On general information, opinion- I trust the Fluther community to give me accurate, moderate to well researched information. I’ve also found if someone is wrong- they correct themselves most of the time.

I trust Simone’s knowledge on gender issues; Gailcalled’s linguistics; Syz’s vet skills; Stranger’s knowledge about weapons/survival skills; rebbel’s honesty; Yarnlady’s crafty know-how; Dog’s ability to see both sides…. I could go on and have an answer for each person here.

The reason I trust Fluther is because all of these people, and more, are Fluther.

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As you get to know the members of this community you get a feel for who answers when they know something and who answers any chance they get whether they have something useful to offer or not. Where you get convergent advice that rings true and when it comes from trustworthy Jellies, you can have greater confidence you are getting good advice. We have some Jellies who really know what they know and what they don’t know. They are valuable sources of information.

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On the whole, I trust Fluther because I trust its members. Like everyone else has said, it depends on the subject (and who’s doing the advising)... but, yeah. Fluther (specifically Shilolo) has been trusted enough that a life was saved. How can you beat that?

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If Josie is the source, you may trust it implicitely.

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I do tend to evaluate responses based on the literacy level of the answer. I’m not being elitist, but a reply with proper spelling, usage and punctuation reads better and seems more plausible. I joined this community because they have standards like that, and ask us to check our work before hitting Send. Love you, Grumpyfish!

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For advice on day to day stuff and relationtionships then fluther has been great!

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When I first joined this site, it wasn’t to get advice; it was to debate issues and replace my Q&A sites where I did just that. After being on here for a while, though, I’ve learned that people here are quite good at giving advice and if I need it, I will come here. I’ve asked for advice on everything from computer problems to issues…down there. :P This site is a great resource. I trust people to give good advice.

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Fluther is a microcosm of the rest of the world. In my travels, I have met a lot of folks who were genuine and did not speak in absolutes. But I have also met plenty who claim to be experts on everything, infallible in their edicts.

As I said Fluther has both, you have to decide which is which or pm me and I will give you some absolute hints, heheheh.

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50/50…50 percent sincere….50 percent utter bull shit!
Caveat emptor

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Chiming in to agree with those who say caveat emptor. That being said, there are several folks here on Fluther whose opinions I respect immensely. There are absolutely experts in several areas, and I know they give consistently sound advice. Since I have been around awhile I have become familiar with many folk’s reputations and I know whom I trust unequivocally.

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One could also say, if one wished to be pedantic and fustian, “caveat lector.”

(But one will try not to.)

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@gailcalled Oh – you fustian fool!

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@janbb: What kind of? (Loved the blog of beautiful Jakilah.)

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Can’t play tonight, it’s my early bed night, but thanks, I love the blog too, natch.

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@janbb which orifice? The mouth works for me ok.
@beachwriter see this thread for how useful Fluther advice can be

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@anartist Yes, that ambiguity was why the tongue was in cheek.

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Depends on who’s answering. I’ve got a lot of trust in many people here on Fluther both because they are trustworthy and knowledgeable.

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I have recently discovered that we can’t even trust those Flutherites who were previously trustworthy and knowledgeable. They will still set out to trick fellow jellies in an effort to prove their point.

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