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Where is the best place to travel (in the world) in Nov. and Dec.?

Asked by TheGreenBrideGuide (178points) July 24th, 2007

I am trying to plan a 3 week vacation in Nov. Dec. or Jan. but am having a hard time because I have a number of criteria. 1. I do not want to freeze 2. I do not want to go to S. America and I have already been to Australia and NZ. 3. I do not want to go anywhere too dangerous or where you are likely to get a parasite (traveling companion has fragile stomach). 4. My budget is $2500 for 3 weeks including airfare per person. Bug-free beds preferred. I was thinking about Spain, Egypt and Morocco - but it looks like the weather will be poor and everything will be shut down. Any ideas? Thoughts? Weblinks?

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I have never been (have always wanted to go though) to Bali/Lombok. I hear that it is absolute paradise. Not to mention, you and your companion can stay at pretty snazzy hotels for cheap!

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Kauai Hawaii USA

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My mother traveled with this company recently and raved about it; now she gets their brochures and they have some amazing packages all over the world with 4-5 star accommodations and useful local guides and exclusive arrangements:

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I agree Kauai is beautiful. Locals are nice. All the beaches are public beaches. Condos are cheap. Weather is warm and beautiful. I recently went for a couple of weeks and it was paradise my daughter swam with a sea turtle at Lydgate Beach.

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Thailand is supposed to be incredibly beautiful, friendly to english-speaking tourists, and you are much less likely to get a parasite than India...I know nothing about the weather there this time of year.
I have been to Spain in the winter (Februrary) and the weather was lousy in Madrid (snow!) but nice in Barcelona. Barcelona is full of wonderful art and architecture, delicious restaurants, and fun even in the wintertime...

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Fiji’s currency is tied to the US dollar and the weather is warm and sunny in November and December. The Cook Islands are slightly more expensive, but still have good weather.

Hawaii is very expensive; food and bed-bugs could be a real problem in Thailand unless you eat and stay in the better restaurants and hotels, which gets expensive.

Bali is on the US “watch list” for dangerous countries (Indonesia does not have US-approved security measures in place, and there have been a few bombings in recent years….)

If you went on a 2+ week cruise to Asia, you wouldn’t have to worry about the food or bed-bugs. Check out the Best Cruise Lines at for ideas.

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I suggest Thailand. The period of Nov. and Dec. is the best time for visit Thailand. There is much for you to discover in Thailand such as historical places (Grand Palace, ...), floating markets, beaches (phuket, koh samui), natures (chiang mai) and city lifes (bangkok).

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Any place in the Cordoba province in Argentina. Mountains, rivers. Very nice. I went few weeks ago to Mina Clavero and Alpa Corral the past year.

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india will be cheapest. and is always the most magical destination.

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