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Remedys for sore throat?

Asked by fortris (680points) March 19th, 2008 from iPhone
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Warm salt water gargle every few hours. Not too much salt.

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Add a little peroxide to it also. 2 teaspoons to a glass of water.

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herbal tea with lots of honey. Or ask your pharmacist for over-the-counter lozenges that can help numb the pain – there are various brands. If your sore throat lasts for more than 2 days and/or if you get a fever, see a doctor immediately – you may have strep throat and might need antibiotics.

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Kevbo got it right!

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chloraseptic is also pretty amazing!

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one teaspoon salt to 1 c. warm water for Kev’s good gargle.

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tequila not joking try it.. Make sure ur of age

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One of the many suggestions is to drink lots of water. Alcohol and caffeine will dehydrate you, apparently.

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salt, water and white vinegar works wonders, also works when you have mouth sores

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if it is extreme and unbareable, you probably are getting this years ass kickin flu strain. Worse news, antibiotics will not help, just time. I am just getting over it now, felt like I was gonna die, and at some points wished I would just pass out from the pain. Whew…...

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