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Whats a good overnight remedy for sore throat?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2774points) June 19th, 2011

I have exams tomorrow and I REALLY want my throat to feel better by then.
I’ve had a sore throat for two days now (I went to the doctor; it’s not strep, don’t worry) I’ve tried a bunch of stuff that didn’t work.

Any quick overnight remedies?
( and its not just a slight sore throat. It HURTS like a… well… you know)

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There is no such thing as a remedy. You can mask the symptoms with various medications, but it will not be healed.

It’s hard to suggest something, not knowing what the bunch of stuff you’ve already tried. How about a glass of warm lemon juice with honey.

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I was going to try that…
but we have no honey in the house.

I heard that putting vaporub on your neck and then wearing a scarf around it and sleeping like that works. Does anyone care to clarify that?

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Do you have a fever? If it is not strep, if that quick test was correct, it is wrong all of the time, your sore throat will be gone by tomorrow. If you don’t have a fever it probably is not strep. Anyway, your sore throat will be gone in the next 12 hours and then you will get a lull for about 12 hours and then you will be horribly congested, that is my prediction.

If you still have the sore throat bring chloreseptic spray. Spray a bunch, you can do it over and over again, every half hour to get your through. Also take some ibuprofen, it will make you feel much better in general. Ibuprofen is a magic pill, as long as you don’t have any bad reaction/allergy to it. Take 600mg with food and plenty of water if you weigh over 130, or just two pills (400mg) if you weigh less. It takes 50 minutes to feel better after the pills. You can take some tonight and practice. You can take the pills every 4–6 hours.

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I think I already went through the “horribly congested” phase. It was… well… horrible XD
And I have the spray already.
Thank you!

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If what I said does not happen and you still have the sore throat in two more days, you need a real strep culture done. Ou can get prescription xylocane to completely numb your throat. In fact you can ask the doc for it now. Tell him you have exams. You gargle with it and swallow, lasts about 2 hours, you cannot take it before sleep, you must be awake when your throat is completely numb.

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@NostalgicChills Huh? You were congested and now you have a sore throat?

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Gargle with warm salted water and drink hot sweet tea. Chloroseptic spray is also good to try if you haven’t.

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No I had the sore throat, and during the second day of having a sore throat, I was horribly congested, but now I’m not.

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Cough drops might work. Chloroseptic® spray or lozenges work the best for me. And if you are open to the idea, a few tiny sips of certain alcoholic drinks can also work, like bourbon or whiskey.

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I tried cough drops, chloroseptic spray, lozenges, and a bunch of other stuff, and nothing worked. D:

And I’m only 16, so I can’t drink. Plus I’m completely against even the thought of drinking.
(for me personally, not for everyone) xD

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Whiskey, honey and lemon or try a tea called Throat Coat if you can find it, with honey and lemon in it. What the hell, throw some whiskey in there. It has analgesic properties. Medical Whiskey. Available without prescription.

Also, you might try a warm water and salt gargle. At least that’s something you have in the house already.

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Nothing hot. Hot liquids are for stuffy head colds. Try chewing on some ice, or eating a popcicle, touch it to your throat. Your throat is inflammed most likely, heat increases inflammation. Is it very painful to swallow? Is the pain like razor blades, or irritated, almost itchy.

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It is odd to be congested and have a sore throat and continue to have a sore throat. Some sort of very strange virus, or I am thinking maybe a bacterial infection. I don’t remember, do you have a fever? And, congested where? Like a stuffed up nose, or runny nose, or cough, or what?

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Gargle with warm salt water. Get it as salty as you can withstand. I ditto the Chloraseptic throat spray.

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A shot of strong alcohol usually helps. It literally just kills germs living in your throat, allowing it to heal faster. The concoction @lillycoyote mentioned is good, too. Otherwise, something soothing like slippery elm tea is good, or even chamomile.

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@incendiary_dan slippery elm is one of the main ingredients in Throat Coat which I also mentioned:

“Organic Throat Coat Ingredients: Organic licorice root [PhEur] 760 mg, Organic slippery elm bark [USP] 80 mg, Organic licorice root dry aqueous extract (8:1) 60 mg, Organic marshmallow root [PhEur] 60 mg.”

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@incendiary_dan Lillycoyote: Finding a way for her gadgets and devices and her herbs, voodoo, snake oil and earth shoes to peacefully co-exist since 1975.

Actually, I don’t really wear earth shoes. That was just for effect.

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Fisherman’s Friend lozenges are pretty effective, they have licorice in them too.

Ref “putting vaporub on your neck and then wearing a scarf” That can work well. But better is Tiger Balm. Do Not put that on your skin however, it will irritate and stain. Get an old handtowel and put the tiger balm on that and wear so you will inhale the lovely fumes.

Personally I won’t go near alcohol if sore throat is involved as for me that will irritate it.

Go to your health food store and get some WellMax. Use as directed including don’t take on an empty stomach. That will get rid of your bug. Also to boost your immune system get some propolis extract at the health food store, preferably alcohol-free.

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