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I hear that New York crime is at a all time low is that true!

Asked by axlefoley (347points) March 19th, 2008 from iPhone

I hear that New York crime is at a all time low. Is that true!

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Harper’s magazine reported this month in their “Harper’s Index” that more homicides occured in the three “Law and Order” TV shows last fall than actually occured in Manhattan last year. Check it out.

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There’s an interesting argument in the book “Freakanomics” that discusses the drop in crime as a result of Roe vs. Wade. The author argues that legalizing abortion prevents a huge number of babies from being born into lousy situations. Children born into these situations would be more likely to grow up to be criminals 18–24 years later… The reduced crime is a secondary effect of Roe v Wade way down the line. That’s one ide at least.

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NY politics is also at an all time low.

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Perhaps will help you to determine the active and previous crime levels in NYC. For example, at this time of writing, there have been 304 crime reports in the past 30 days.

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NY crime also took a huge drop after Guiliani pushed through his “quality of life” ordinances, which are essentially a blank check for cops to stop and pat-down anyone they want for BS reasons, and send people away with ridiculously long jail terms for petty crimes like grafitti.
For instance: it’s against the law to have a backpack on a subway seat next to you. They’ll put you off a subway car and pat you down for it.
If someone looks “out of place” in a neighborhood, like you’re looking for a street address etc. They’ll pat you down because you may be “casing” the street and parked cars.
The other delightful law is “menacing”- meaning if you are doing anything ANYTHING that makes someone else (read: rich and/or white people) nervous/suspicious, NYPD can and will stop and frisk you.
Guiliani’s whole schtick was the police getting pro-active about crimefighting, which apparently means playing fast and loose with bill of rights, and selectively enforcing the law.
A group of pretty blonde upper east side club girls stumbling drunk, raising hell through Times Square? No problem. They’ll often stop and take pictures with the cops.
A group of black kids doing the same thing? They’re getting frisked. Happens every day.
So, crime is down, but at what cost?

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