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Is radiation dermatitis or radio dermatitis only caused from ionizing radiation?

Asked by marialisa (464points) July 11th, 2010

How is radiation dermatitis detected in a skin biopsy and is it only caused by “ionizing radiation”.

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My guess would be yes. As many as 95% of patients receiving radiation therapy for cancer treatment will have some form of skin eruption due to the radiation. High frequency ultraviolet, X-rays and gama rays are all ionizing radiation. Any electromagnetic radiation source with energy abouve a few Electron Volts is ionizing.

I will have to leave it to one of the doctors here to discus the biopsy issue.

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Do you glow in the dark?

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@marialisa The diagnosis is a a combination of history (exposure to ionizing radiation), clinical presentation and histological diagnosis. It’s caused by direct damage of the ionizing radiation on the skin.

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@ETpro @Rarebear
How is radiation dermatitis proven after a skin biopsy is done?

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@marialisa Prehaps @Rarebear will know. I do not.

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@marialisa It’s a histological diagnosis.

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