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What's the most exotic thing you've ever eaten?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6751points) July 12th, 2010

I have eaten kangaroo, wildebeest, ostrich and swordfish.

How about you?

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Yo Mama!

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Off-menu sashimi.

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Fresh grilled octopus tentacles.

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A very wide range of raw sea creatures and cooked terrestrial creatures.

Of course the most exotic eating experiences were not designed to be nutritional in nature.

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I don’t do exotic eats.

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Termites. No, seriously, in Belize.

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Uncle Fester’s Pork Ice Cream!

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One day, I went out to my garage to feed the cat. Found her staring down a 4½ foot long diamondback rattlesnake.

Called my stepdad, who blew the thing’s head off with a shot gun.

I personally don’t believe in killing anything unless you’re planning on eating it. So, I skinned the thing and fried it up. It was really good, if kind of hard to eat – lots of bones, not much meat.

Then, I tanned the skin and mounted it. Sold it for $80.

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Hey, @jjmah, you oughta give it a shot. You could be missing one of life’s most exciting adventures…

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I’ve had fish & chips in Spain on several occasions, does that count?

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@Seek Kolinhar Nice work!

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Boy, it seems like just about nothing is exotic any more. Pickled pigs feet? Bison? Sweetbreads? Fiddleheads? Nettles? Wild boar? Sour vegetable (boy is that bitter!)? Whale meat…. yeah. I’ll go with whale meat. You can’t do that any more—maybe in Japan. I had some for like my 12th birthday or something, back in ‘68 (last century).

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@wundayatta – Don’t forget pickled pigs ears. So crunchy.

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Rocky Mountain Oysters. I cooked them myself. They were tender and delicious.

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Elk meat raviole

Some sort of green asian sea snails that are kept in brine and you suck the snails out. ( Gah..not good, but I TRIED them. )


Rabbit ( blech! )

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Green Jello.

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Raw snake and grubs on a desert survival course. Sheep’s eyeball at a tribal feast in Pakistan.

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Gah..I’m having a fudgecicle right now….lol

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Sooo.did you ever try out for Fear Factor? lol

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@Coloma The prospect of publicity is more frightening to me than any gastronomic adventure~

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Nautilus. All these would be tough bikers were looking at me like they were about to puke. Man do I ever rule. Nothing lil’ ol me.

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I live for weird exotic food. If im given a chance to eat it, i will. Always try something at least once.
I had boiled ducks blood at a chinese place a couple years ago it was like duck flavored jello

@syz why’d ya have to go to Belize for them? I just ate some the other day in my survival course. They taste like carrots I think.

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Oh – just remembered one – chicken’s feet in Chinatown.

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Yeah the duck blood, had that in Taiwan last spring, they sell it in all the medicinal markets.

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@Coloma i thought it tasted pretty good actually. How about you? Mine had a garlic onion flavor infused in it.

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I was squeamish, just a taste, kinda bland, this was unflavored, my friend and I went into a chinese medicine shop, they told her she needed it, haha..I was given some sort of root for my allergies.

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Kangaroo exotic? Not down this way! I ate escargot in Paris (garlic snails), Haggis in Scotland, eggs cooked in sulfur from a volcano in Japan and Crocodile and Goanna at a BBQ down the street, though it’s not common!
Edit: Kangaroo meat is not really exotic in Australia, we cam buy it in the supermarket and it’s cheaper than sausages… Really high in protein and very lean, really good for you!

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“eggs cooked in sulfur ” I dont imagine that tasted all that good. Its like amplified rotten egg…...

@Sariperana I suppose you could really apply your same logic about the kangaroo to all things mentioned on this thread and say nothing is really exotic at all in their homelands. Just like your snails in paris or your haggis in scotland….

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well, no one liked my Uncle Fester’s Pork Ice Cream! what is this world coming too!

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1000 year old eggs in China. They aren’t really that old, but they’ve been treated so that they are kind of gelatinous and have a green and black color. They don’t look very appetizing, but they aren’t bad. I think they are an acquired taste, if you want to bother.


Frog legs

Cordyceps sinensis (caterpillars that died and turned into a fungus)

Sea cucumber

Bird’s nest soup (made from the saliva of certain swallow species)

Shark fin

Pig uteri

Steamed gecko (lizard) soup

Turtle soup

Boiled goldenrod flower blossoms

Calf brain

Beef tongue

Prairie oysters

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…pig uteri? Oh by the gods. :O


@Symbeline Yes, when I was a kid, it was one of my favorite things to eat. My Mom would buy them at a Chinatown meat shop——the uteri were boiled, then eaten with dark soy sauce. I loved it. It was not until I was an adult that I “learned” what they were. One day I was in a meat shop, and I saw them in the display window, and the words “pig uteri” underneath them in English and Chinese. I was HORRIFIED. Omg, I thought, that’s what I loved as a kid?? I haven’t eaten one since, and I never will again. They had a rubbery consistency to them, and inside the small whitish “macaroni-like” uteri tubes were a pasty substance that I didn’t know what that was. Yeech.

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Sounds interesting. I’d try it.

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