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Natural remedies for diabetic neuropathy?

Asked by espearite (278points) July 12th, 2010

My dad has diabetes and his feet always hurt. To stop the pain, he puts rubbing alcohol on his feet. However, the alcohol dries out his skin, and I don’t think this is a good idea. Alcohol turns into sugar. Is there a healthier, less costly but effective way to treat this form of neuropathy and/or topically?

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This site shows anecdotal evidence for 300 mg of alpah lipoic acid daily as being beneficial in cutting down on the pain.

“Acetyl-L-carnitine is helpful in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy. An acetyl l-carnitine dose of 100 to 300 mg a few times a week may be tried. Higher doses can cause overstimulation.” Source

One Web site I found says that ginko biloba extract may prove helpful for diabetic neuropathy.

This site had the best overview of all of the possible natural remedies and the evidence supporting their use.

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I use Absorbine Jr, it’s eucalyptus based and non-drying.

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Foot pain from diabetic neuropathy is relatively rare, compared to loss of sensation. That said, the first thing he should do is ensure that his diabetes is aggressively controlled, to prevent further damage and potentially help reverse the current situation. This website has some useful, practical suggestions, as does webmd. Some people have used capsaicin cream with success, but this has some annoying side effects. I strongly suggest he get good control of his blood sugars, and see a podiatrist.

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Thanks, I will check into the remedies and have him ask his doc about them.

@ shilolo – Very true. It’s hard getting him to monitor his blood sugars and take responsibility for his health. I am guessing that’s the reason his feet hurt all the time. I am hoping this makes a change. He has stopped putting alcohol on his feet.

@ Everyone – Again thank you for the suggestions. :)

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Here are some suggestions :
1— Try to advise your father to better control his blood sugar
2— Help your father check his feet regularly (for blisters, cuts, etc)
3— Massage his feet with olive oil
4— Advise him to walk in order to enhance the blood circulation in his feet.
5— After bathing, ask your father to dry well in between his toes and do not use any cream in that area.
6— There are some therapeutic bandages that helps blood flow in the feet. Ask any drug store for that.
All the best to your father!

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