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It’s clearly an immature horta.

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@SmashTheState LOL! That one was good!

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It looks like a vagina from hell….

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I think it is a sea pig.

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@marinelife, I just googled sea pig, and while I think you are right, those things are horrifying.

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@marinelife eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww


This brings up a question, since people think that it looks like a vagina, would you f*ck it?

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Would you stick your member in a hole where you could not see what was on the inside? It might have teeth.

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Okay, I said it looked like a vagina. But… a vagina from hell. That’s an important qualifier there. No, I would not engage in relations with a demonic vagina, as this one appears to be.

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I like it. But it’s not kosher.

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