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I dont know if he likes me or not?

Asked by yellowbrat789 (16points) March 19th, 2008

so i became really good friends w/ this boy.. lets call him zack (not real name). the problem is zack has a serious gf. even though we’re in jh. well i really really like zack and he acts like he likes me back.. hes always teasing me and poking me and making me laugh.. that sort of stuff. but ive never been good at this kind of stuff seeing as how ive never really had a bf before. but i just really need help because idk what to do!! thanks :)

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if jh stands for Junior High then you dont even need to be worrying about Zack!

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Ain’t that the truth. And “poking” leads to cooties. Remember that.

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oh jh does stand for junior high
sry forgot to mention that.

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First lesson about relationships: breaking another pair up even if the misguided boy shows you affection makes you the bad guy.

And just think about this: if Zack leaves his girlfriend and chooses you, won’t it make it easier for him to leave you for the next cute girl?

Chew on that for a bit…

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He does like you, but many times liking someone and doing something about it are two different things. Sometimes, it’s better to just enjoy the fact that someone likes you.

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let it happen on its own. If I remember in jh that well relationships change with the wind. Don’t worry about it just enjoy the feeling of the friendship you have with “zach” and let it take its own course.

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You shouldn’t even be worried about relationships at that point in your life. Thats what HS is for.

But since you find yourself in that situation. I suggest you stay away from that guy. If he has a gf and is still flirting with you then that means he has no respect. Sure, let’s say they break up and he asks you to be his gf, how long do you think its going to be before he does that to you??

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in Junior High you realize how much you are attracted to other people and how powerful that attraction can be through the practice of much stupidity that will continue through college until you are married and then you will either have reached a new plateau of stupidity or finally graduated from its confusing juvenile claws.

So I say go for Zack. The name sounds cute and, trust me, that represents the pinnacle of importance at this age.

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He seems to like you, but breaking them up wouldn’t be fair to the girlfriend. If you do your own thing and date other people for a while, it will give you some perspective on whether or not Zack is that special, and you’ll have more fun than if you waited around for him. Anyway, middle-school relationships aren’t known for lasting that long. He’ll probably be available before you know it.

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