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What are the quirky names of your city's news forecasters and anchormen/women?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) July 13th, 2010

can you believe we have a weather forecaster in chicago named “amy frieze?” years ago we had “jackie bainge” pronounced “bang.”

but whatever the name, is it one that makes you smirk or think twice or think “what the hell?” or hey, i could name my kid that.

back in the 1980s i thought bryant gumbel was so cool and even went to college as a journalism major just because of him. Gumbel? Gumbo? like shrimp gumbo?

quirky news anchor names in your state?

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Sam Champion did weather on the local ABC affiliate, then moved to Good Morning America. There’s a pretty good indie rock band named after him.

Irv Gikofsky, aka Mr. G. from CW 11 also does the weather.

George Whipple the entertainment reporter for NY1, a local news channel.

Joe Witte (pronounced witty) used to be the weather man for CBS2 in NYC and WITI (Channel 6) in Milwaukee when I was a child.

David Muir isn’t quirky. He’s just super-dee-dooper hot with a great brain (much like the late Peter Jennings), and I predict major level US news presenter stardom for him. ABC’s picker has done it again.

Pei-Sze Cheng (WNBC reporter) almost rhymes with “daisy chain”.

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@aprilsimnel i know! “champion?” saw somebody on the same news channel with the last names as “challenger.” he wasnt a forecaster though.

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Max Keeping. Sounds like bad Chinglish translation of “greedy.”

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There’s a weatherman on ABC in Los Angeles named Dallas Raines!

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@SmashTheState i know! keeping? keeping what? i mean, how could it be and better, is it really your name? you know what i mean?

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We have an anchor named Brenda Baumgartner, which sounds like ‘Bomb Gardener.’ Ironically, she just wrote a book about zucchini recipes.

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We had a weather girl in Holland some years ago whose name was Diana Woei (Woei being a street language word for wind).
I liked Diana Woei (as did a lot of Dutch boys).

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We have a weatherman named Darrin Rockcole. There nothing really unusual about his name but you have to hear him pronounce it by putting a lot of emphasis on Rockcole. “And this is Darrin Rocck Colle, with the weather”.

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We have Mr. Burns on our local news, not so much quirky, but a fun Simpsons reference all the same

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@Chrissi85 if he is the weatherman in a warm-weather state, burns is quirky but appropriate at the same time.

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What is a news forecaster?

In Champaigne, IL back in the late 70“s we had Stormy Rottman as our weather dude.

I love Jackie Bainge…she’s still around and gorgeous~!

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Doug’s Hill and his purported children “Up” and “Down”

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The only one that comes to mind is the weatherman, who has been around forever… and his name is Stan Boney.

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Not a newscaster, but the local surgeon in the town I lived was named ‘Fleischer’, which means ‘butcher’, and a local insurance agency was run by someone named ‘Kreisch’ (“Scream”).

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Debbie Dunleavy, Liz Linsky, Storm Micheals.

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@charliecompany34 No sadly he is the main news reporter, shame really

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NYC used to have Storm Field.

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Reporter Rikki Cheese over here.

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We have one called Nineveh Dinha.

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