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Canadians, do you keep your doors locked during the day when you're home?

Asked by Jude (32198points) July 14th, 2010

Bigger city, folks, especially. Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa…

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My stepmother lived in Windsor and did lock her doors…not sure why as she could scare the $#!t out of a werewolf.That’s right,I said it!

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When I lived in a house in Ottawa, we did not.

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I used to live in Ottawa.

I know my mom didn’t have the back door locked one afternoon in the early 50’s, when some punk neighborhood kid opened the door and tossed an apple core at her.

I was only about 3 but I beat the hell outta him and then tossed his corpse over the porch railing. . . . now back to reality. . . I think my parents might have implemented a locked door policy after that but unfortunately neither of them are any longer available to verify that.

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@Brian1946 – LOL! Seriously?! Some stranger came in there and just threw an apple core at her?? If those are the kinds of criminals ya’ll have in Canada that’s even more reason for me to more there, haha. :)

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“If those are the kinds of criminals ya’ll have in Canada that’s even more reason for me to more there, haha. :)”

I know what you mean.
The mortality rate for drive-by shootings is a lot higher than it is for walk-in fruitings. ;-)

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@Brian1946all i have to say is LOL again :D

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@Brian1946…........That was priceless! You made me laugh so hard….thanks I needed that!

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Yes, I do.

Wait, I just reread the question. If I’m home, the door is often unlocked, or even open. But I do lock it at night.

Oh, and I live in Edmonton.

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When we lived in Vancouver we didn’t lock our doors. Ditto Burnaby and Surrey.

We lock our doors sometimes but not always now.

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My friends in Hamilton Ont. lock their doors and have a security system.
I don’t lock my doors in rural small town Michigan. but I would if I lived in a city.

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Everyone I know (Toronto area) locks their doors – mine has never been unlocked – the Michael Moore documentary where he walks into people’s houses in Canada is not accurate.

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I’m from Montreal. With our door it doesn’t have a knob, we insert the key and turn it and the door opens. The button on the handle has been broken for as long as I can remember. I always have a key on me. But we also have a little button on then side of our door and if it’s in then it will open from the inside but not the outside and if it’s out then you can open it easily.

We also have an alarm system that makes a little beeping noise next to the door and in my parents room whenever a door or window is opened.

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In Montreal (until 1968), Ottawa (until 1970), Montreal (1970–1980) always locked London(1980–1982), Winnipeg (1982–2004), Milk RIver, Alberta

open during the day, locked when we are out and at night time
except for Montreal after 1970

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I live in Ottawa and I see no need to keep our doors locked during the day if there are people home.

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