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You're Home Alone, Dieting and Starved. What is Your Low-Fat Snack?

Asked by Aster (20021points) July 14th, 2010

It seems like all good snacks are fattening. Am I wrong? I like chips and guacomole and will buy baked chips today. What is a semi-filling low-fat snack or does such an animal exist?

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Well I am not a dieter, but I really like to snack on almonds. There a lots of different flavors. They are not “low fat” but they are pretty healthy.

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Oatcakes with low-fat cream-cheese.

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I don’t know about low fat… I don’t pay much attention to fat as I do calories.

An entire can of tuna is between 80 and 100 calories. I add some celery and the smallest amount of light miracle whip as makes it palatable, and throw it on a salad, or add some lettuce and eat it on a tortilla. Probably cut it in half and share it with my little one.

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Hummus and pita chips is a low fat snack, and very cheap to make on your own, both hummus and pita. Sometimes I like a salad but eating only veggies makes me hungrier so I usually pair it with bread.

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almond butter on a cabbage leaf or lettuce leaf. quite filling

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Ummmm, i don’t really do the low fat snack thing, but i do like raw carrots dipped in mayo. Or raw celery dipped in sweet chilli sauce. Or tomato with sour cream on. Or a homemade fruit (banana and mango) smoothie! Or a fruit salad with plain greek yoghurt on top drizzled with honey.

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I’ve never done a diet per se. But when I’m healthy snackin’ I go for hummus and baby carrots or almonds.

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I love Cheerios and skim milk!

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@BoBo1946 whole grain cheerios, I trust!
@Seek_Kolinahr a tuna taco. hmmm Nice suggestions.
I have never had hummus. Where do u get that?
@downtide I liked your suggestion!

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@Aster yes, love them!

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Hummus is sold in the cooler section either by the specialty cheeses or near the cold cut meats.

Sugar free jello can be tasty for a sweet snack as well.

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Nuts of all kinds, dark chocolate.

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I eat a Luna Bar, or a small bag of peanuts (probably a lot of fat in the nuts, but they hold me over)

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@Aster I only thought of the oatcakes because I visited Scotland this week and brought some home.

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PICKLES!!! I’m sorry if you’re allergic..or don’t like them…lol but they are a great snack for when I’m starving but don’t want to blow my appetite or calorie counting :) hope that helps!!!

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