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I'm being a lazy bum in my jimjams, fluthering and putting off all that I need to do. Anyone else in the same boat?

Asked by Jude (32126points) July 14th, 2010

Someone needs to give me a swift kick in the arse. Any takers?

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Yes. Though I do it at my desk.

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LOL! I’ve been doing the same thing most of today, also in my jammies. At least i got some laundry done though. :D And i’m going to tidy my desk any minute now… seriously, i will.

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I’m dressed for work, just not getting anything done other than fluthering. Second day back from vacation, major league blow off day. I’ll take some stuff home to make up for it. It would take one of the world cup guys to kick me hard enough.

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winding up the foot

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@sleepdoc Now I’m a little distracted.

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Yep, although I am dressed and have done food shopping. I am alternating between Fluther, Facebook, and being a plastic rockstar on the Xbox. I should make dinner….

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@jjmah why cause you are afraid of the my soccer trained foot which is about to jump start you

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@sleepdoc no. It has to do with a previous convo.

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Off to get moving on my day..

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It’s 10:07am. I am in bed the fans on and the dogs right next to me asleep. Looks like I’ll be doing this for a little while longer.

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Me! Me!

Well. I ate some cereal. So I’m getting there?

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@nikipedia Come over here and let’s be lazy together.

I love the picture of you and your kitteh.

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Yep. I have been crazy sick with some bad virus or allergies maybe the last 8 days or so,

Thank God my work is put off til next week!

Right now I just showered and am dragging my stuffy face out to the store, then…having triple AAA tow my car to the mechanics for a mysterious coolant leak they can’t seem to fix. Sooo…looks like another day of fluthering between watering the micro farm over here. At least I am sick so I won’t feel too trapped without my car. lol

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Well, at least I drove to the store. I find that if I don’t click on fluther at all I won’t get hooked. At least not for a couple hours. I have things I NEED to do .

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Not here. replaced the clothes dryer vent, called Blue Cross insurance to check on my status, fed the dog and let out the cat. caught my wifes checkbook up. i have had a busy day, so far.

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I am still in this boat. I slept most of the day. I blame having my tooth pulled yesterday and taking some pain killers to help me sleep.

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@john65pennington long as your on a roll catch a plane, I can find plenty of ‘honey do’s’ for you over this way. lol

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guilty, if you call scrubs jimjams

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I just got home from work and I need to get supper going. I’m HOT and tired, so I think everyone can eat ham sandwiches for all I care. I’m relaxing.

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I hope you arn’t going to fall down the rabbit hole of female guilt! lol

I say announce a ‘make it yourself’ moment and hit the tubby for a nice cool bath. :-)

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@Coloma I call it “Fend for Yourself Night” Eat a sandwich, make yourself a hamburger, hell, eat a can of ravioli if you want. I’m Fluthering and watching MASH. I can’t be bothered right now!

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Not right now, but it does happen often. Just waitin for mah dinnerz.

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I want a day like that!
I had a semi busy day today, compared to the past 5 days of being cooped up with sick kids.

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Jimjams? Hehe, that’s cute.

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Not me, I slept until l pm, and then Sonny brought over my two toddler grandsons, for an early visit – I usually get them on the weekends. He had some work to do on the house, and needed them out of the way.

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Coloma, my roll just ended with three hamburgers from Wendys and my border collie slurping on a frosty.

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I’m having one of those days :) I had a morning of pampering myself, got into my trackies & now I’m cleaning as well as taking regular breaks. Don’t want to push myself too hard ;)

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