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Which sport that you have never tried would offer the greatest potential for harm, to you & or others?

Asked by ucme (50031points) July 14th, 2010

Yeah, let’s say you’re feeling brave or foolish as the case may be. You try a sporting pursuit which on the face of it seems a little rash, but hey, you only live once eh? Which sport would be more catastrophic in theory for either yourself or those unfortunate enough to be in your flight path? This may end in tears & tantrums but at least you tried damn it, at least you did that!!

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Any sport that involves walking, running, jumping, riding or sitting.

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Parkour. I’m not very graceful. With my luck, I would fall off the edge of a building or something.

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NASCAR racing

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Hockey! Sometimes, when you are watching a fight, hockey breaks out.

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Chess. If you only think about taking any of my ♙♟ i’m gonna frame your head..

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Hot air ballooning.

I have been up in balloons and freakin’ LOVE it!

The high of a lifetime…floating along in silence with the wind.

I got serious about perhaps buying my own balloon a few years ago, but, like flying planes, very expensive to take ballooning lessons and a decent used balloon still costs at least 20k.

I was on the edge, but….a lot of cash and dangerous too.

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Bungee jumping!

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Oh, the laughter seeing ME on the football field. Laughter turns to gasps (hopefully) as I’m tackled by a sweaty, 400 pounder. Then, here comes one even larger, crashing down upon my skull, face down in the dirt. Since I am now flat as a pancake it comes as no surprise to anyone that I’m scooped up with a spatula and plopped into a waiting hearse. They cover me up with a sheet.
Everyone in the stands gets up and sings The Star Spangled Banner as it drives off.
not really

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Anything that involves shooting guns. I’m pretty clumsy, and terrified of guns. Someone would get hurt.

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Tightrope walking in a heavily spiked leather outfit with no net over a crowd of young children.

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Hockey! I was the idiot who put on pads and let people shoot pucks at me.

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Sorry, misread the question. I actually played hockey many years ago.

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Never tried, or never tried professionally?

Red Bull Air Race
Free Climbing
Red Bull Rampage

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