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Would you risk your libido for a healthy youthful sexy appearance?

Asked by Pandora (29488points) July 14th, 2010

This question is simply for fun.
If you could take a pill everyday that would make you feel healthy and energetic and physically keep your cells regenerating like when you were in your twenty’s and also make you desirable with the only catch that you hate sex and you can never miss a dose because your body will go back to its old self forever and for every year you took it you age one more year extra.
Would you take it or would you just wait till your too old to care before taking it?
Or is it too big a risk?

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@Neizvestnaya So if you were old and waking up in pain every day, you wouldn’t want to stay off the pains that come with old age?

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I wouldn’t take it. What good is it for everyone to desire me if I didn’t desire anyone else in return. Also, I wouldn’t want everyone to desire me. The only person that I care about desiring me is my husband and he wants me as I am.

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I’m already in my 40’s and still running, jumping, etc. I wouldn’t sacrifice the joy of sex in my life right now for the unknown future. Most of us expect old age pains just as we expect not to sacrifice our more youthful frolics, they’ll go at some point on their own I’m told.

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If I was very old, I would definitely take it. I mean old enough to be degenerating physically. At that point, having a youthful body and being active would be a lot more important than caring about sex. If I were still young enough to go outside and get around, I probably wouldn’t take it.

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Even if I had a pill that could do all of that, I’d be exhausted by run-on sentences.

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@Neizvestnaya Oh, yes it does. :(
@Haleth Yeah, I thought I may want too when I get really old but then I wonder will I get really annoyed at people desiring me when I have no desire?
@Seaofclouds Hummm. That got me wondering. What if your husbands health was declining rapidly. Would you ask him not to take it?

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@Pandora It would depend on if there were other options. If not, it’s really a hard decision considering things would go back to the way they were if he stopped taking it. How would his death be if he continued on the pill for 10 or 20 years? Would he even die since the pill keeps his cells regenerating and keeps him healthy? I don’t want to face my husband’s death but it is an inevitable part of life.

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@Seaofclouds Yes he would die. The catch was the moment he misses one day he would catch up to his age and age an extra year for every year he was on it. So lets say he would originally live an extra 20 years in bad health. ( no other options) And he took the pill for 10 years but suddenly forgot one day to take the pill. So now he is at his 20 year mark and dies.
So now he lived for 10 years pain free and with you desiring him, but he doesn’t desire you (sexually). Or would you just take the pill and figure desire is over rated. Its not the number of years you live that really matters but the quality of life till your number is up?

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Nope, i had a low libido for years due to taking anti depressants and it sucked.
March 2009 it has risen again, the libido.

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@Pandora Well with that catch and knowing my husband, I wouldn’t want him to take the pill. He hates taking medications and has always said he doesn’t want to ever have to take pills every day. He would be likely to miss one. Since he would age extra time for the time he had been on it, it doesn’t seem worth it to me (since I know he wouldn’t take it everyday).

How long would a person be able to stay on the pill before they died and how would they die?

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@Seaofclouds LOL. Didn’t see that coming. I should have since I am very much like your husband.
I hate pills and often forget to take them.

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No, I’m totally clueless when it comes to appearance for it’s own sake.

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No way, this makes no sense to me.

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Hating sex would suck but not being able to move around enjoy the world around me and be alive and mobile would suck even more. As long as I could walk even jog hand in hand along the beach with the girl I love would be so much more enjoyable than a roll in the hay when it is all said and done. Running full bore through the woods is pretty orgasmic!!n Give me the pill but not for another 30 years!!

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People in pain commit suicide every day or people in old folk homes die shortly after being put away in an old folks home.
So if you could get the best of life till you die only no sexual desire. You don’t think you may be tempted to live long enough to enjoy good health and everything else life has to offer?
@Cruiser, Thats what I was thinking as well. So much more to life. You often hear people say they would give anything to be young and healthy again when they are old and sick. So, I was wondering what if the sacrifice was something that was associated with youth.
With the little blue pill being sold like rock candy, it had me wondering if sex was rated higher than health and youth.

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If I were in my nineties and had lost my beloved wife but still felt well enough to enjoy life, I might consider taking the pill. She would want me to live with health and without the constant pain I live with every day.

If she and I were together and enjoying life in our nineties, we might consider it to allow us more time together.

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@Pandora I’m not quite sure of the correlations between all those situations – sex is an important part of my life and if my life is to be short, so be it.

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I’d prefer to die.

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