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New found powers after being zapped by bolt of lightning, how would you use them?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) July 15th, 2010

You are caught in a down pour of a thunder storm; you get zapped by a bolt of lightning heading for cover. You are not harmed and you feel highly energized; you can go all day long with 3 hours sleep on average. You also discover you can boost cell signals, scrabble WiFi so no one in the coffee shop can surf the Web, you can decode cable and satellite boxes, put energy back in to NiCad cells by holding them between your fingers, turn red traffic lights green and visa versa, make ATM machines kick out boat loads of money while blocking security cameras, etc, what would you do with such power? Would you see it as a blessing or a curse? Would you shade that unique fact with anyone or keep it a secret to yourself?

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Sell my ability as an alternative energy source. Retire wealthy and pay my kids’ tuition.

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Taking money from the ATM is going to hurt someone. I won’t do that!

Most of those powers are not of much use to me.

If I could take coal and oil power plants off line and provide unlimited cheap power, I’d like that.

Use the modest revenue to make my life and my immediate family’s life easier.

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I do believe I would share it with one really close person, whether it’s my brother or my boyfriend..maybe a parent. Someone who I knew would also keep it a secret. I would probably see it as both a blessing and a curse…I would know that most likely no one else on earth has those powers so I would feel totally awesome in that sense….but then again, I probably couldn’t save the world or do anything productive or heroic like that….so that would be a bummer lol but that was a cool question….it got me thinking :)

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i would learn how to make money, pay off the house and give to the poor.

No atm, that is screwin with someone elses money.

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Money. I need it. I’d try my best to get it somehow, trying not to steal from any individual (meaning, I wouldn’t feel bad from stealing from a large corrupt corporation or government entity). I’m shameless and desperate, what can I say?

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First, greed would never enter the picture. there are other ways to use your new power, that will get you just as much money as an ATM, but legally.

BoBo1946's avatar got a great imagination @Hypocrisy_Central !

“Tongue in cheek,” would like to energize my ex !

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I’d probably try to experiment a little to see if it would help me in my work. For instance, could I use the “energy” to restart a stopped heart? Accelerate wound healing? Zap my diabetic dad until he stops eating candy bars?

Other than that, there are times on the road when I’d love to shut down some idiots’ cars. And the no sleeping thing sounds good, too.

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I would go out for lunch.

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@Dr_Dredd For instance, could I use the “energy” to restart a stopped heart? Well it is electricaly based so I figure an index finger on each side a little zappy , zappy and the tha thump is back (hopefully)

Zap my diabetic dad until he stops eating candy bars? Why not? Maybe that is what many overweight people need, a collar that can shock them if they swallow to many times etc. If you learned to project it by flinging “it” off the end of your finger like water or something maybe even better; even have a finger teazer. Or you could just grab the candy bar with finger on both hands and melt it with a charge through it.

@Dr_Lawrence If I could take coal and oil power plants off line and provide unlimited cheap power, I’d like that. How would you do that and [1] keep yourself private, [2] keep from getting kidnapped and exploited, and [3] keep this government from exploiting you, and a distant concern, keep big oil from bumping you off?

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I would work with one Canadian hydro-electrical utility on the grid and supply them with unlimited electricity under the condition that they provide a credible cover story for where they are getting all this new power supply. They pay me 1 per kilowatt-hour of electricity I provide which is much less than their current cost of production. They agree to sell at the lowest possible rate (that recovers their costs and makes a small profit) to all power utilities generating electricity by burning fossil fuel on the condition that they shut down and eventually decommission their existing power plants.

That way I remain private. I receive a “consulting fee” in exchange for the power. No one kidnaps me or the supply of power stops. Your government won’t know of me. Mine probably will be so delighted with the constant flow of taxes from the massive sales of electricity that they won’t want anything to change. The oil industry will never hear of me.

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