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Know anything about AT&T Merlin systems?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (632points) July 15th, 2010

I work for a nonprofit Walk-a-thon and we use donated space to set up our communication nerve center. There are five telephone lines coming into the space and the desire is to have four of them connected in such a way that when a given number is called, the call will bounce from busy phone to busy phone until there is a free phone. The goal is to give out one phone number to volunteers. The telephone company is contacted to put the four of the phone lines into a hunt group. For years, these 4 lines would be fed through a Merlin 410 system( and distributed to Merlin phones but this past year, one of the phones has been lost and only compatible phones work with the Merlin system. My question is: do we even need the merlin system or will we get the desired result with cheap phones and the hunt group?

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Merlin phones are like $2.00 on ebay. I have only observed guys working on these systems. I am a Nortel kind of guy. A hunt group isn’t a particularly difficult thing to program on any system but I think you may run into more expense than replacing the phone particularly when they are so inexpensive at this time.

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You don’t need merlin sets to have a hunt group. Any type set will work. The hunting takes place in the CO, not in the sets. The hunting just goes from one line to another until it finds an open line. You could have than one set connected to any one line, it wouldn’t matter.

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