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Any relatively easy way to print, over the internet?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) March 4th, 2009

my fiance sends me her papers to print out for her, is there any easy way to just let her print to my printer from her dorm room?
Were on different networks obviously.
the printer is a canon mp470, connected via usb to a apple airport express
I have a Macbook pro and she has a macbook
both running leopard.

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how far away is her dorm room from the printer?

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a quarter mile?
i dont see how that makes a difference….

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well, if it was down the hall or something, I was going to say get one of these but a quarter mile would be waay too far.

I don’t know of any way you would be able to print from her computer to your printer without you being there to manually download an email from her and then print it. Or her just bringing over a flash drive to print from your computer.

I think an inexpensive printer to keep with her at her dorm room might be your best alternative. Or just be able to print for her after she emails the document to you.

You could probably find a cheap printer on and just find the nearest location to you. People are always trying to get rid of old stuff.

EDIT: I just realized that the airport express made your printer wireless and my first assumption wouldn’t do anything different from the airport express…doh!

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i was thinking something like this but easier

the thread got jacked so i dont know if this was just for disks or works for printers too or what.

@ your edit- yeah i kinda thought that but didn’t really think about it lol

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see, something like that might be possible, but it just seems so inconvenient? If I may inquire a bit why she would need to print from her dorm room to your printer? She will have to come to the printer to get the document, am I wrong? In which case she could bring the file over to print, or bring the laptop with her. I guess I feel like I’m missing something here…

One way or another, she or you are going to need to get the document, which requires someone to walk up to that printer to grab the document. She can just bring her laptop over to your dorm, print, voila done. If you’re not home, she would have a key I assume since she is your fiance… She could let herself in to print.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to network through the internet like it’s suggesting, but I’m just saying, it’s incredibly inconvenient and tedious just to print a file, when she lives a quarter mile away, and you each have a laptop.

good luck, maybe someone else here knows of an easier way to network both macs together over the network for printing.

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ok heres the deal-i-o
currently, she sends me her papers over aim, and i print it out wirelessly from my loft.
i grab both of our papers on the way out the door in the morning for 8 am English class,
I am taking laziness to a whole new level. lol
tonight, i had to wait up for her to finish her paper, or risk forgetting to print it in the am
I want to be able to go to bed, and when she finishes her paper, she can print it and all I have o do is pick it up as I leave.

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oh, I forgot to mention this. There is a piece of software called hamachi. It creates virtual networks for computers to communicate and network devices together…I’ve set it up on a mac before, and it’s somewhat difficult because it’s prompt based for mac for some reason. But, once you’re setup using Hamachi and you have a virtual network. There should be a way to simply add a networked printer at that point. I’ve used this for LAN games with friends and games when we didn’t have time to all get our computers together.

I completely forgot how to setup hamachi on a mac. You can try that out, but if all else fails, just buy a dirt cheap printer for her to keep in her dorm.

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is it a paid service? ive heard of it for lanning

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it’s free, but they do offer a paid version, which I assume is better in some way. But the free one gets the job done.

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niiice ill look into it.
although im terrified of the terminal

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yeah, the terminal was intimidating…but there is a forum site that I have forgotten where it is for how to setup Hamachi properly step by step in OSX. Do some google searching for forum support for hamachi and I’m sure you’ll track something useful down.

Good luck, I’m going to bed though!

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A printer with a scanner is $99. She will get more than $99 worth of use out of it the first month.

Surely she prints other things besides papers for class, and doesn’t send all of her printing needs your way…

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Look for HamachiX which is a tasty GUI for OS X for Hamachi, and will make both your machines think they’re on the same LAN, meaning you can share your printer on your LAN and it will appear as shared on hers.

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Something else you might be able to use is Google Docs. She would have the ability to share with you, and let you have access to specific documents.

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