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Fluther-modded personal attack Ghost Town?

Asked by zenele (8242points) July 15th, 2010

It’s been asked and answered, discussed ad nauseum, however, wouldn’t it be cool to have a Ghost Town of personal attacks, modded by fluther, that you could just peek into?

I just got my (lovely, firm) ass flagged, personal attack, and thought it would be funny to have a “Category” of random personal attacks previously modded we could peek into – like a glass museum showcase. ~

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I don’t get it. You want to be able to see the stuff that got modded?

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Would this be for entertainment? A handbook of What Not to Say? Give the positives and negatives, please.

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Yeaaaaaaah no. You can’t see them for a reason. Let’s keep it that way.

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@zenele is like a naughty little school kid. Causing shit

But, I’ll still kiss your stitched up head, baldy.

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It’s probably best we don’t have such a Hall of Shame, but yeah, every time I see Removed by Moderators I immediately wonder what the poster said to get gigged.

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Of course, every monolithic ego needs a trophy room to fawn over the bloody swords of past victories.

Call it the glory hole, where the grand boors and the ass-e-lopes play….

Where seldom is heard, a positive word, and the skies remain cloudy all daaay

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But it would have to have no postings allowed because flame wars might break out anew.
And some jellies might like others less after reading . . . but, hey, everybody gets modded sometimes.
I’ve only had one war with personal attacks [that may have been modded] but I am sure I am capable of more.

What I am wondering…has @augustlan ever been modded?

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@anartist I have, indeed! Back before I was a mod, I had a question sent to me for editing because it was essentially a rant about a (now ex-) member here. I didn’t name names, but gave enough hints that it was pretty obvious who I was talking about. After I removed the hints, the question was reposted… but it had already taken on a life of its own and was eventually removed altogether. Rightly so… it was a total trainwreck! Almost all of the mods have been modded at some point. I have personally modded Andrew… more than once. :P
I think being able to see comments removed as personal attacks would cause a lot of trouble here. The only way I could see that not happening, is if both the attacker’s and the attackee’s names were omitted. Even then, you’d probably be able to tell at least some of the time (see above). Bad idea.

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That Andrew. He’s a bad apple. ~

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When I read the question, I thought @zenele was asking for a big insult free-for-all.

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I want to know what sweet innocent Zenele did to get his ass flagged! I find it hard to believe!

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^ ^

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Being able to see moderated material kinda defeats the purpose of having moderation in the first place. :/

Not that I champion moderation, but I don’t like drama either, and I don’t think said ghost town would help much in that area. Fluther is good because it has a very minimal amount of dramatics, let’s try and keep it that way.

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@augustlan I’d go for it being redacted so the insultor and insultee were no longer recognizable. But it need to be in a section where nobody can post responses, and copying any of the items then posting them in the areas open for discussion should be a serious enough offense to merit a temporary suspension of posting privileges with multiple offenders having their account nuked.

Let’s do it that way @augustlan; please, please, please…

It’d be a good guide to let new users uickly grasp what is and isn’t permissible.

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I think the whole guidelines for newbies is a crock.

I think it’s about one thing and one thing only…. a place for those so in love with themselves, so captivated by their self perceived gallant verbosity to kick back and preen to the notes of their own instrumentals.

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@Coloma I don’t think that’s so. Many folks who rarely get modded have asked to be able to see what is modded. Why? Maybe for laughs, maybe the same reason people rubber-neck at accident scenes, maybe just simple curiosity.

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I suppose, just doesn’t make sense to me to want to revisit negative encounters or glorify rude behavior.

I think the rubber-necking and drama fix is a good hypothesis. lol

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No, it’s on my daily diet already!

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Actually it would be more fun to see things that were flagged for being off-topic or obscene or something else . . .
Lot of funny stuff there I’ll bet.
And of course, sigh, I want to see the CIA thread

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