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Best/worst tv cop shows that you remember, would just happen to be?

Asked by ucme (46552points) July 16th, 2010

Again so many to choose from.Whether it be from the past or present it’s all good or bad whichever the case may be.

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Does COPS count?

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I’m not sure about the worst, but The Wire is the best cop show ever, hands down.

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Cop Rock was probably worst TV show ever.

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TJ Hooker: worst

Barney Miller: best.

Hill Street Blues gets ‘honorable mention’ for best.

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I couldn’t get into The Shield at all. I know a lot of people think it’s a good one, but I didn’t like it.

I’m not sure which one I would say is the best.

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@knitfroggy I kind of figured that out ooh, all of ten seconds in.

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@FutureMemory Ahh, Shatner’s wig won a Golden Globe for best supporting actor as I remember.

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21 Jump Street

i can’t remember a single episode where my dick wasn’t in my hand.

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@knitfroggy beat me to it. Cop Rock was bizarre.
I can’t name a best.

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Hill Street Blues broke some new ground in its day and set a standard for the genre. It has been superseded by others since.

Barney Miller was the best police comedy.
TJ Hooker was the worst.
CSI: LV is not strictly speaking just a cop show but is excellent, despite acceleration of scientific results
NCIS is a particularly engaging cop show.

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I really really loved the first few seasons of 24.

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@Dr_Lawrence Great minds think alike :)

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The Shield.

Vic Mackey is the ultimate badass.

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Man, I think I’ll put the old box set on.

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I used to really like Hill Street Blues.

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Barney Miller and now there is Castle. I dont like those CSI things, but Castle keeps my interest.

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The Andy Griffith Show- best

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The x files is the best! FBI agents investigating paranormal crimes

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The Streets of San Francisco was a good one.

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For drama, my favorite cop show of all time was“Homicide: Life on the Street.” Great scripts, great actors, great scripts. For comedy, hard to beat “Barney Miller.”

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Yeah, Homicide, except, if you can count The Wire as a cop show, then I’d pick that one, and I’ve only seen one episode!

The worst? Cop Rock, of course.

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Another nod to The Wire and Homicide.

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I thought Hawaii 5–0 was pretty bad, and Knight Rider was hilarious.
My favorite was Spenser for Hire, and I also liked the original A-Team.
I watched Miami Vice in re-runs for a long time.
This season, I love Castle and The Mentalist.

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CHIPS was the worst but the occasional short-shorts beach babe made is almost watchable. almost

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The Mentalist is delightfully quirky.
The Closer is great fun.

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One of the best: Life.

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Other good ones:
Prime Suspect
Da Vinci’s Inquest
Hill Street Blues
The early seasons of Law & Order

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Prime Suspect is really good, it’s true.

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