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Your favourite British sitcom just happens to be?

Asked by ucme (50034points) June 14th, 2010

Other than My Name is Earl American sitcoms do nothing for me.The many classic Britcoms(haha see what I did there…oh never mind) include Fawlty Towers, Steptoe & Son & Rising Damp, to name but a few.Which are examples of what you see as the best of British comedy. Incidentally Monty Python is of course inelligible for as we all know it was not a sitcom, rather a sketch show.God I sound patronising.

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Red Dwarf.

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The Office, Fawlty Towers, Extras

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Red Dwarf (until about season 6).

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Black Books.

“Bernard, look. Bernard. Bernard. Bernard. Look. Look. Bernard…”

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On a par with ‘Fawlty Towers’

Favourites are hard to pick out from such an abundance of quality.

And not to mention.

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Black Adder. Fawlty Towers. The Young Ones.
Oh, and Coupling.

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To name a few:

Men Behaving Badly.
George & Mildred.
The Office.
And the only American British American sitcom: Arrested Development.

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@lloydbird Yeah be here all night with the amount of class shows available.Just wanted to see what the yanks idea of our classics were.Not that anyone can’t give their opinion of course.

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I’m more of a fan of British sketch comedy (hellooooo, Fry & Laurie!) but I’ve got a definite soft spot for Black Adder, Black Books and Father Ted.

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I liked Father Ted a lot, too.
Oh, Mr Bean. The show way more than the movies.

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I thought My Family was hilarious and adorable until they got a new writer.

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Oh, and um…


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Absolutely Fabulous

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There are some great answers above. Chef! is one of my favorite British sitcoms.
@rebbel Arrested Development is hilarious! Community has the same kind of quirky meta-humor but a lot more movie references, and Tony Hale guest-starred in one episode. :)

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Going to check that out, thanks.

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@Haleth Oh yeah, forgot about Chef! Put me down for that, too.

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Fawlty Towers has to be one of the best!

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I like the Inbetweeners- I didn’t think I would but it won me over. Despite it being crass, it really does remind me of that awkward time of life.

When I was a kid I loved a lot of the old britcoms- Are You Being Served cracked me up when I was eight.

I still enjoy Last of the Summer Wine. I know a lot of people find it boring, but it’s my British Golden Girls.

I’ve been more into panel shows as of late. I’m really enjoying You Have Been Watching. It’s perfect funny fluff to me.

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Ab Fab
I also like Beautiful People.

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The Fall & Rise of Reginald Perrin
Red Dwarf
Men Behaving Badly
Mr. Bean
Fawlty Towers
Black Adder (all 4 incarnations)

I love Little Britain as well. But like Monty Python’s Flying Circus, I think of that as sketch comedy.

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Another Ab Fab fan ri’chere.

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Red Dwarf and Black Books are great. Mr Bean is also quite epic.

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I’m not really into sitcoms, but I did enjoy the few episodes of “Coupling” that I happened to catch.

What I do love are British reality shows. I adored “What Not to Wear”. Then they stopped showing the Trinny and Susannah episodes and went for the American screwup episodes. And I loved Changing Rooms and Ground Force. Now I watch Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

Oh! And they’re not reality, but I like Top Gear and Graham Norton. Jonathan Ross, too, when I catch him.

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The Black Adder. That and Good Neighbors. And even though it’s sketch, Monty Python.

Wait, does Hitchhiker’s Guide count? What about Dr Who?

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Jeeves and Wooster, a must see for all fans of one Dr. Gregory House.

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I’ve seen a few episodes of the IT crowd, and I love it.

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Red Dwarf
Ab Fab
Keeping up Appearances
Are you Being Served?

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Fawlty Towers
Black Adder
Little Britain
One Foot in the Grave
Father Ted. Ok, I know that Father Ted is Irish, bit I first saw it on BBC. I think.

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Absolutely Fabulous! Thanks for reminding me of this. I may have some Hulu-ing to do in the near future.

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@SuperMouse Oh yeah, forgot about J&W. I liked that one, too.

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I didn’t say Jeeves & Wooster because it’s not a sitcom. But it is my favorite Brit show ever.

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Being a US citizen about to move to England, my fiancĂ© has been giving me a crash course on British humor. It’s brilliant. While not sitcoms, some of the favorite entertainers are (and can be found on YouTube):
*Dame Edna (yes… Australian, but affiliated with the Brits.) A must-see.
*Graham Norton – Irish talk show host who can introduce you to many British comedians.
*Ricky Gervais – comedian/actor.
*Eddie Izzard’s Star Wars Canteen (created by someone who took Mr. Izzard’s stand-up monologue and orchestrated a Lego video to it.)

There are so many others. My favorite is the skit done by 2 gentlemen making breakfast to a strip-tease tune. I cannot recall the name of it.

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Definitely, Keeping Up Appearance and
Mr. Bean

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Many of you have already mentioned ones I love, like Blackadder. Peep Show is pretty awesome, as were The Goodies, The Young Ones, I’m Alan Partridge, and Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights.

I know they weren’t all that popular, but I loved Wild West and Jam & Jerusalem, too.

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I have Jam & Jerusalem here waiting to be watched, because I love the cast. Haven’t gotten to it yet, though.

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@aprilsimnel I love The Young Ones, I had forgotten all about it. Hilarious show.

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Are You Being Served
Dad’s Army
Fawlty Towers
The Good Life.

(I’m giving away my age here – but the 1970s really was the peak decade for British sitcoms).

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I’m surprised no one else has listed Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em. It had brilliant physical humour by Michael Crawford (who did all his own stunts), and regularly makes lists of the best British sit-coms ever made.

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Thanks for all your answers.An unsuprising bunch of classics from an almost bottomless pit of quality.

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I have so many. My all time favourite is Jam and Jerusalem (written and starring Jennifer Saunders), apart from the fact that it is laugh-out-loud funny, I also fine it very comforting. I also like The Vicar of Dibley, Dinnerladies, Fawlty Towers and Miranda, which is fairly new, a lot. I enjoyed the first few series of My Family but I think it is getting a bit predictable now.

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I forgot a few and it’s too late to edit my previous post. Beautiful People thanks for the reminder @tinyfaery, Peep Show, The Brittas Empire, The Good Life and To The Manor Born.

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@SmashTheState I may have mentioned it. ;-)

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Totally forgot this one: Yes, Minister!

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@rebbel thats one I forgot too!

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I didn’t forget about Yes, Minister! I never liked it. I only watched it because it came on before Kenny Everett’s Video Show (where I was).

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I forgot about the Vicar of Dibley.

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As Time Goes By

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I like Gavin and Stacey and Mrs Browns Boys

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