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You wake up one morning & look out of your bedroom window, what would be the best/worst sight that could greet you?

Asked by ucme (46454points) July 22nd, 2010

It’s a lovely morning you awaken feeling refreshed & ready for a brand new day. You stretch yawn & look out to see…......what exactly? Something or someone that could either make or break your day. Hypothetical of course you understand so don’t hold back.The funnier the better.

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The Publisher Clearing House people holding a giant check with my name on it… no strings attached. Man that would be great.

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Best: The absence of a water tower and railroad tracks near my house.

Worst: A mushroom cloud or my 90-year old, former mother-in law who hated Jews.

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Best: A crisp fall morning. I hate summer.
Worst: Godzilla.

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Dave’s wife in her kitchen wearing her leopard print “love outfit”once was enough

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@Fly YES…it does not have to be fall, just cooler temperatures…it is the pits here!

best: my s/o driving up!
worst: my ex driving up!

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Best: every weekend my family outside the door

Worst: The tree in my yard falls over like the one next door did.

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Best: A money tree. A LARGE money tree. A large money tree that only a cat mama of a poof and a mook can see :)

Worst: BUGS. Bugs and spiders and centipedes and earwigs crawling all over everything. GAAAAH showers of bugs!!

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Worst thing? This

Best thing? Well, I can’t find any SFW pictures of the best thing…

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard: If Pennywise was outside my window I’d laugh!!

Dutchess_III's avatar

Cops. With Uzis. Surrounding my house. In a case of mistaken identity.

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A big bee hive with bees everyhere would really freak me out.

As for best, I’ll avoid saying money. I love seeing blue skies and sunshine it makes my day.

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Oh, I forgot best. Best would be waking up to a thunderstorm, lightening and thunder, raining really hard…and it’s Saturday and I don’t have to go to work!

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@Dutchess_III, I second, third and fourth the above.

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Worst thing: Carrot Top
Best thing: All the trees, birds, cars, houses are now made out of candy

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Best: My darling gormless cocker spaniel Prince back from the dead.

Worst: Tarballs from the Gulf oil spill rolling in off my Atlantic Ocean.

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Best: A brand new trampoline just for me that I don’t have to share!
Worst: Cops coming to take me to jail for drugs lol

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Best: a exercise instructor( so i cant take my fat lazy but off a computer chair and into some exercising)
Worst: a triple Whopper with a large fry sitting in a burger king bag…..(dont know if this is bad or good…but it sure wont be good for my health :3)

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Worst: six of LAPDs finest with shotguns cocked and pointed at me.
Best: realizing I actually got out of bed and walked to the window without assistance
(And damn if one didn’t actually happen and the other can only be a dream)
See ya…...Gary/wtf

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@whatthefluther What’s the story behind the LAPD???? That happened to me once, too, but I was in a riot.

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Best: my boyfriend walking twords the window carrying a sign that says ” Will you marry me?”
Worst: a guy taking pictures of me then calling me in for indecent exposure in my own house. ( I swear Mr. Officer, I was getting ready to take a shower)

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Best: I actually have this about once a week, a mother deer with her set of new twin fawns playing in the yard without a care in the world
Worst: My mother-in-law standing with her hands on her hips, telling me that she needs to have a talk with me about something sooooo very important.

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The best sight would be a forest or the sea! But mostly a forest.

The worst sight would be a demon thing with scary eyes staring at me through the window.

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Seeing myself, hanging from a tree.

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Someone cut all of the trees down. That’s all I can see from my bedroom window. That would be the worst.

The best is, well, nothing changed overnight.

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@NaturallyMe The demon thing would just be grog. He’s harmless.

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Worst: Robin Williams, shouting; “Gooooooood morning, rebbel!”
Best: Venus Williams, whispering; ”Good morning, sweety rebbel me!

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My ex wife and ex girlfriend getting it on, on my freshly cut lawn.

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@Dutchess_III….A former friend with some twisted plot in mind (unexplained, to date, but apparently greed) had me arrested for making “terrorist threats” against her ($50K bail). It was a false accusation and the DA did not press charges. But, I was arrested from a nap on a Friday evening and chose not to spend the weekend in jail, so my freedom cost plenty. The only good part was my accuser also told the cops I was suicidal (also not true), so I was given a “nice” private cell secluded from the “usual suspects”, but, unfortunately, next to some nut-case who talked to himself incessantly. Quite an experience but no fun. See ya…...Gary/wtf

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Best: My friend.
Worst: Richard Simmons! I could see him: “Come on girl, let’s work those hips..and run..and run in place now!” Jazz hands

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@whatthefluther I would think your accuser would have been facing some serious felony charges for doing that…

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The Best sight would be a nice landscape. No honking cars, no smog, no people yelling or cursing at each other, but a nice and peacful scenery. Tress, the Sunset, the ocean, NATURE and PEACE.

The Worst Sight – I don’t know what the worst thing would be. All I know is If my family were dead and gone, and I had no friends, or loved ones, or if I was going through a depression—- Looking out the window no matter how much beauty there is wouldn’t make a difference to me.

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The Worst- dog poop

The Best- a light rain

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The Best a new deck with hot tub/jacuzzi
The Worst my former back yard…

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The Best: My man walking up my front steps to give me a good morning kiss.

The Worst: My dad with a suitcase and plans to stay a week or two.

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The best – the neighbor moving or for sale sign in her yard

The worst – I get dog poop every day…....let’s see

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Best would be a snowy day, like about two feet of it, while still snowing, outside a New York penthouse in Manhattan with views of the river and the city
Worse would be a hawt day in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do

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