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What is the Best Band you have seen in the last 10Years?

Asked by Mat74UK (4662points) July 16th, 2010

I mean a band you can recommend to everyone around you!
I’ve seen a few and THE KINGS OF LEON and The STEREOPHONICS are the main players!

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dave matthews band

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The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra at Boston Symphony Hall, but the Boston Pops at the Clamshell on the bank of the Charles River giving their 4th of July concert was a close second, and when you add in all the special effects, it was not better music but certainly more fun. The Mass. National Guard brings a row of howitzers and they fire them off in time to the ending flourishes of Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture, then the Fireworks show over the Charles kicks off. Spectacular show. If you can ever arrange to be in Boston for the 4th, spend the obligatory day camped out on the Esplanade and see it.

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Mine has to be MUSE closely followed by The Kings of Leon!

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String Cheese Incident. Go see them this summer. Pay lots of money. You won’t regret it.

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Not really a band but Fatboy Slim was fucking INCREDIBLE.

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It’s a tough call. Toss-up between Soul Coughing and Grizzly Bear.

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The Rugburners!! Best show I have ever seen!! The bassist is 14 and the drummer is 11 and the guitarist…well….best I can tell he is their dad….but HS they ROCK!!

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Hell Yeah
Kid Rock

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Willie Waldman project

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I would also throw in Gogol Bordello

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