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What is your reaction when someone is telling a lame joke?

Asked by rebbel (35471points) July 16th, 2010

We have all experienced it, that someone tells us a joke but it simply is not funny.
It is lame, it is old, it is childish, it is whatever it is but it just gets no laughs.
How do you react when there is just the two of you and you are the one the joke is directed at?
Or you are in a group of people and one of you tells a joke and it goes deaf on the whole company, and nobody laughs?
How do you react?
You laugh your best fake laugh?
You pretend you didn’t hear the clue?

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I put them in a big slingshot and hurl them into the sun…

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I one up them with a better joke.

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Usually, I just try to change the subject, I hate awkward situations.

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i reach for a Shepherd’s crook and haul their sorry butt off the stage of life, for their own sake and the rest of the world’s, ....or i cross my arms America’s got talent style… boo and jeer until they dissolve into a puddle of their own piss.

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Thanks, @pitchtheview , i took your awkward and put it in my tags.
Love that word, don’t like the situations.

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If it’s not a common occurrence, I smile and quickly change the subject to avoid them telling more lame jokes.
If it’s with someone who constantly tells lame jokes, then I ignore the joke itself, and may visibly show signs of being annoyed with the person.

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I like lame jokes.

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I like the word too ^.^

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I smile, blink my eyes and then say “I didn’t get it, sorry” that way the person gets annoyed with me to the point they won’t try to engage me with jokes anymore.

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i say… and…then what happens after the Mexican jumps out of the plane and says ‘remember the Alamo’

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I smack them upside the noggin’ with a spatula.

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I think it depends who tells it and how it’s told. I enjoy crap jokes for how pathetic they are, but if I don’t like the person telling it I’d only laugh (and by laugh I mean make some hmpf kinda ha sound) for their gratification.

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Isn’t it such a wonderful feeling to be laughing with someone who has the same sense of humour as oneself… I love it.

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I’m with @ninahenry . It really depends on who is telling it. If it is a good friend or family I’ll tell them it is lame or stupid. If it is an acquaintance then I just politely smile and then talk about something else.

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Laughing at a lame or offensive joke enables one to walk away.

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I just smile. I can feign interest well lol.

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i try to saysomething funny just after to pretend it inspired the comment and that the laugh was for both the joke and what i said.

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I drive them out to the desert and set their eyebrows on fire! That’l teach them!

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Then can I put them in a big slingshot and hurl them into the sun?

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People hate telling me jokes, because I often say “I don’t get it”, but if it’s a friend, I pretend I do and sort of chuckle.

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I say, “I don’t get it”. I usually feel dumb either way.

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I get out my portable crank, pop it into my mouth and start cranking up!

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Lame jokes are cool…after all, laughter is good for soul.

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Politeness when the joke is ethical.

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“Lame” jokes are the funniest. I guess whether anything is lame or not is all within the eye of the beholder. Long story jokes suck.

Being honest if it does bother you just tell the jokester that was so funny I forgot to laugh.

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I don’t like jokes. Maybe because I have high taste of quality jokes. I rarely laugh or smile when others tell their jokes. It won’t be easy for one to makes me laugh(especially with common,low-quality jokes). I will say “Oh great”,and remain silent. It doesn’t really matter,I have pretend like a good listener for less interesting story from my friends just to respect them.

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The good old
“hhahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahaahahaha NO!”
always gets them

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