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Is there a joke that you just can't stand anymore?

Asked by phoenyx (7388points) June 28th, 2009

That is a joke that is played out, you’ve heard it a million times, or it just isn’t that funny. Here’s mine: when someone is going to the bathroom “because they have some downloading to do” or something to that effect.

1. Eewww: I don’t want to know; too much information.
2. Technically, downloading is moving something from a remote system to your local system.
3. Double eeww: I considered the technical meaning

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Thats what she/he said joke and tom cruise.

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“You like fishsticks…?”

I loved this joke on South Park but my little sister saw that show and can’t stop saying that joke. omg so annoying I don’t even know if she gets it.

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Do you like fishsticks in your mouth? See how tom cruise runs? He runs like he has a baseball bat shoved up his ass.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic- Damn you. You beat me to it. >shakes fist menacingly<
The biggest joke about Chuck Norris was who he was backing for president.

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Another joke, y does tom cruise run in all his movies?

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Chuck Norris jokes, Jack Bauer jokes, Obama jokes, and MJ jokes. They aren’t funny anymore, okay?

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You forgot bush jokes

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Bush was a joke.

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Oh yea true. Oh Jesus jokes! God those are soo annoying!

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Anytime I hear the name “Tom Cruise”, I cringe.

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I like Jesus jokes, those are the ones that crack me up and make Christians shake their heads as they condemn me to Hell.

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Never heard that “downloading” one…that’s just bizarre and doesn’t exactly make a whole ton of sense…

And yeah, I guess I got sick of Bush jokes pretty quickly. And Palin jokes. Still, even some kinds of jokes that I claim to be sick of, sometimes I’ll hear a new one that’s funny and I’m going to deny it.

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how did i miss out on all of the chuck norris jokes?

jokes about my mom get pretty old though. she’s a nice enough lady.

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Awww great I spilled some water….now I’m all wet!

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Still good, though – Palin jokes, political scandal (is always fun), and jokes about yo’ mama.

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Yo mama Is so fat, when she saw a school bus full of white kids she yelled….stop that twinkie!!

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I don’t get it..

TheWatcher's avatar

I don’t either. It’s one of them anyway…..

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A school bus is yellow, like a Hostess Twinkie cake, and the white kids would be like the twinkie’s white filling.

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@aprilsimnel Ah… So that’s what it meant. Thanks!

It’s an unbelievably lame joke anyway..

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ANY BLONDE JOKE. LAME LAME LAME and total turn off

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How could I forget?

I hate blond jokes. I think I posted a rant about this with my other account. Like I always say, maybe it’s because I’m blond, but I just can’t stand them. They perpetuate the stereotype and the idea that hair color really does have an effect on intelligence. Which it doesn’t.

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True I have this red headed chick as a friend. She is more dumb then Paris Hilton!

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@TheWatcher- Yeah, but what color are her roots?

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Black? Blonde? I don’t know. Don’t care.

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“That’s what she said.”

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She did say ;)

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Broski A: DUUUUDE! What’s the capital of Thailand, man?

Me: Bangk—

* Broski A punches me in the nuts *

Broski A: BANGKOK!

Broski B: LOL

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- G5 PowerBook coming out next Tuesday

- safari runs snappier

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A jew, an arab, and a lawyer walk into a bar…

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Gender jokes (unless they are REALLY good ones, male or female), blonde jokes, and Chuck Norris sucked from day one (he was great in his Martial Arts career, I have t give him that). Blind jokes, deaf jokes, people in wheel chair jokes, deadbaby jokes, and Jesus jokes. They were funny in the beginning, but new fresh material is definitly needed.

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If I never hear another Knock Knock joke again, that will be just fine with me.

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The “That’s what she/he said” jokes don’t really bother me, it’s when people say “That’s not what he/she said” when it really starts to bother me. I mean really, you can just leave it as is. No need to act like an idiot. That just tells me somebody’s really stretching…

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Your Mom/Yo Momma.

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anything pertaining to michael jackson.

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They say celebrities die in triplets.

Leave it to Billy Mays to throw an extra one in, free of charge!

(There’s a special seat waiting for me in hell.)

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@Grisaille Lurve for that. I love cruel humor.

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I am over all the nasty jokes about Michael Jackson which are interribly poor tastes now that his dead!

I also cannot stand this corny crappy old joke.
What biscuits fly?
Plain biscuits.

It’s the crappiest joke ever and my uncle repeats it to me every time I see him!

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What time is it when an elephant sits on your fence?

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