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Is there a way to bookmark questions on Fluther?

Asked by ninahenry (1958points) July 16th, 2010

- rather than following them. i.e. you can’t really ‘follow’ a question that’s been archived, but if you think it’s interesting or funny can you bookmark it? I tried searching for this but couldn’t find an answer. Also if you think a question is interesting but you don’t want updates on every time someone replies to it either because too many people are doing so for you to keep up or you’d rather look through the whole thing in your own time, bookmarking would seem to solve that.

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Yeah, you can bookmark the page in your browser.

What I also do sometimes is cut and paste the link into notepad and compose my answer there to post it another day. I usually do that for a technical or metaphysical question that requires some thought and consideration.

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Sadly, there is not. I use my browser to bookmark the page if it’s something I want to check out in the future.

By the way, welcome to Fluther! Are you Richard’s sister?

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Aww, I was afraid of that. Thanks anyway guys :)

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what I do is use the “send to friend” button to myself and log on to my e-mail and read the updates there

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@talljasperman hmm, it all seems a bit cluttery but thanks for your response :)

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I have thought about this before and I finally thought of a way to do it with firefox. I had been using Delicious with a Fluther tag but this works better. And it hides them from your normal bookmarks.

It is pretty much just tagging stuff with “Fluther”.

Here is a sloppy example. <—warning. Large and audio.

But it would be nice to have a built-in bookmarking feature. Maybe you should go sit on your brother until he promises to work on it. It would be nifty to be able search by time.

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I second sitting on your brother. Just don’t kill him. Chels would be really upset. ;)

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@johnpowell WHAAAAA that was the weirdest thing! Thanks! I think that’s what I’ll dooo :)

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