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What are some new bands that sound like Frou Frou?

Asked by tamkli3 (275points) July 17th, 2010

Recently I’ve discovered the band Frou Frou and I’ve been wanting to hear more bands like this…

Or if possible, a song similar to Frou Frou’s song ‘Let Go’.

Any suggestions in general for Indie/ Electronica/ Ambient music?

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Imogene Heap (who was in Frou Frou) is amazing as a solo act.

Also, Roisin Murphy, Gabin, and Soulstance are very good (but all different).

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Not a new band, but look into the Cocteau Twins.

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ah yes – I also meant to note that my suggestions were not “new”. sorry.

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Make a Frou Frou station in Pandora.

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^^ Great suggestion. ^^

Pandora is awesome.

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@cprevite It really is. I actually only know about Frou Frou because of Pandora. Not sure if they’re considered inappropriate for radio or if my local stations just suck (which they do anyway…)

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fleet foxes is really good, so is the new mgmt. maybe check out regina spektor too.

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Newest thing I can think of is Owl City, though it’s more bubbly than Frou Frou, I think.
I always thought The Postal Service was kind of similar… but that’s not new at all… XD
I get the feeling that some of Maaya Sakamoto’s songs are a little similar. (Yoko Kanno composes a lot of her songs)
I guess Utada too, but that’s straying a bit… and is Japanese

Of course there’s also Imogen’s own albums. Ellipse (the newest one) and Speak for Yourself (the one before it) are a lot more similar Frou Frou than her first album, iMegaphone, though.

I’ve never heard any of Guy Sigsworth’s stuff. Maybe it’s similar? He’s the composer… =x

Also I second that Fleet Foxes is awesome!

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Ivy – Try “Worry About You”

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@papayalily good suggestion, but i already did that on…. for some weird reason it kept showing me the same artists over and over again…

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard & @cprevite i doesn’t necessarily need to be new, but thank you for the suggestions :)

also, @evandad thanks for the song :) i really like it

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