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Is there a kitchen appliance or gadget that you're not willing to live without?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4937points) July 17th, 2010

Besides the probably obvious washing machine, tumble dryer, fridge/freezer, microwave and oven.

I’d not want to be without my steamer, blender, egg steamer, toaster, electronic kitchen scale, toasted sandwich maker, electric beater, .... ok, i think that may be it. I do still want a waffle maker though.

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my water boiler

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Carpet cleaner. (clean the kitchen with it)
Knife sharpener.

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AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!! I forgot about my kettle….definitely not willing to let that one go.

@ChazMaz – why do you use carpet cleaner in the kitchen? Because it has a nice fragrance? :)

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Toaster oven. we use it just about as much as our mircrowave oven. for cooking pizza, biscuits and waffles, its the bomb.

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meat grinder

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My Global chef’s knife

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I don’t own a microwave…my 4-oven AGA has replaced all small cooking appliances. Of course, we can live without anything we have. But, I wouldn’t want to cook without it. It’s an intuitive way of cooking…becomes an extension of yourself.

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Manual can opener

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@ChazMaz Really? What is the type of floor in your kitchen?
I can’t live without my toaster. I have peanut butter toast every morning for breakfast.
I don’t really cook, so I wouldn’t miss my oven.

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Ewwww…..peanut butter on toast….for some reason i really don’t like that. I love it on buttered white bread though.

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Microwave, stove.

We also are lost without a rice cooker, we had one for a little while and need to replace it!

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The toaster is a given. I’ve recently been a food processor convert. I love mine. I also love my Kitchenaid mixer. I’ve had it for 10 years and it still works like the day I unpackaged.

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My coffee maker, ice maker and blender for Margaritas. Oh yeah…and the Onkyo stereo to blast tunes while I cook! Must have!!

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I love my 7” Santoku, ceramic peeler with horizontal blade, and one-handled safety-edge can opener, but I have to say that our crock pot gets the most use. With it’s removable crocks in 2qt, 4qt, and 6qt, it’s pretty versatile and allows us to make lots of good food. If nothing else, we go through a lot of rice, though it can do a decent pulled pork as well.
Our Kitchenaid mixer is also pretty handy since my wife likes to bake but mixing the dough/batter by hand is tedious at best.

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@NaturallyMe Just a bit of curiosity on this end…what country do you live in? The reason for asking is that in the US, clothes washers and dryers are typically housed somewhere other than the kitchen, yet I’ve noticed that in England, that is commonplace.

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It would be hard to live without my egg cooker. I use to know how to boil a perfectly cooked hard boiled egg, but since I’ve had my egg cooker for the last 5 or 6 years I don’t think I would attempt to cook one on my own.

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@Pied_Pfeffer – i live in South Africa. What usually happens here is that the washer and dryers are placed in the scullery part of the kitchen – i think most houses have this area slightly separate from the main part of the kitchen, but still part of the kitchen, if you know what i mean. (so, the scullery would be at the one end of the kitchen and often behind a little wall so as to block that area off from view from the rest of the kitchen/house.) :)

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@AmWiser – oh absolutely, those goodies make the perfect eggs. :D I’ve never done them via normal boiling though, because i never knew how to get it just right and didn’t feel like risking a botched egg in the end, haha. Now i eat them more often. :D

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I’m in Canada and we have our laundry room just off the kitchen. It was a BIG selling point to this house as most houses have the laundry in the basement. That would have meant hauling laundry up and down two flights of stairs.

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Coffeemaker, microwave.

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@tranquilsea – fortunately houses in SA don’t have basements….haha, just as well because i think they’re scary.

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@tranquilsea There aren’t laundry chutes?

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@Pied_Pfeffer – but then you still have to carry them up, don’t you? I don’t think we have laundry shutes in SA.

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I can’t speak for SA, but when we were kids, we just dropped the clothes and linens down the chute, and they magically appeared back in the closet, dresser, and on the bed. And now that you mention it, the laundry fairy seems to have moved on from Mom’s house. It’s a bit of a workout with 2 flights of stairs.

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@Pied_Pfeffer – yes, we had those fairies too, but that was so long time ago i can barely remember ‘em. I miss them.

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My coffee maker. Can’t survive without it.

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My mom collects kitchen appliances and utensils. The second drawer is filled with gizmos like avacado scoops, lemon zesters, apple cores, measuring cups and other single purpse items. All these things make cooking and baking so much easier. But the things I can’t do without are m coffee maker and cuisinart processor.

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Steak knives and mixing bowls. I use both for a million things.

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I am stuck on my kettle and my wok. and the oven top

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My KitchenAide: it does almost everything—kneads bread, shreds cheese, whips egg whites, etc.

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my phone….to call take out

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garlic press

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@Pied_Pfeffer I wish we had laundry chutes. Those and dumb waiters lol.

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My toaster.

All around the country and coast to coast
People always say what do you like most
I don’t wanna brag I don’t wanna boast
I always tell them I like toast

Yeah Toast!
Yeah Toast!

I get up in the morning about 6 am
Have a little jelly have a little jam
Take a piece of bread put it in the slot
Push down the lever and the wires get hot I get toast

Yeah Toast!
Yeah Toast!

Now there’s no secret to toasting perfection
There’s a dial on the side and you make your selection
Push to the dark or the light and then
If it pops to soon press down again make toast

Yeah Toast!
Yeah Toast!

When the first cave man drove in from the dregs
Didn’t know what would go with the bacon and the eggs
Must’ve been a genius got it in his head
Plug the toaster in the wall buy a bag of bread make toast

Yeah Toast!
Yeah Toast!

O oui monsieur bonjour con cat
Uh huh crossiant te voz se ver
Morie servie Eiffel tower
O oui merie bagette bon soir

French Toast!
French Toast!

Yeah Toast!

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i used an egg beater to whip cream and sometimes to make a cake. it’s easier than taking out the electric mixer and plugging it in.

i also use a french press for coffee – again, easier than taking out the coffee maker (i’m not one to keep appliances on the counter as i don’t have a lot of counter space). the other thing i like about the french press is that the coffee is really hot, like tea. some coffee makers don’t make the coffee that hot, but the french press uses boiling water so it’s as hot as you want it. i also like it (3rd and last reason) because it’s very easy to just make one cup.

i love the bread maker but i don’t use it too much.

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@Rufus_T_Firefly Yea! I like your poem may I copy it and post it near my toaster for all my family to enjoy? And, I have a manual mixer that is wonderful to make the fluffiest eggs for an omlette. The electric ones are awesome especially when your are tired from working hard all day from chopping wood for the fireplace and tending to the garden, but I still would not give that one up…and oh yea there are are a few other electric appliances that I definetly do not want to give up…but if I have to I can go camping and go at the most natural way possible.

Rufus_T_Firefly's avatar

@SmoothEmeraldOasis – Glad you enjoyed the lyrics, but I can’t take credit for them. Heywood Banks is one crazy mofo.

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I just got done checking out the video and i loved it, it is pure simple, clean fun, thanks for sharing.

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