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Who is your favorite fictional villain from TV or the movies and why?

Asked by Kraken (1177points) July 18th, 2010

What about the character do you find to be the coolest characteristics and why. Also explain what nuances and catch phrases that you like about this character as well as any other attributes that you enjoy in this said villain.

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Pennywise the Dancing Clown, aka Bob Gray, aka IT from the tv adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. Tim Curry is fucking creepy in that role, and no doubt has traumatized thousands of people like me who grew up with that movie haunting our childhoods….

Oh yes, they float, and when you’re down here you’ll float too!

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For me, Heath Ledgers’s Joker. Pure evil with a dollop of humor thrown in. You wouldn’t want to get on this guy’s bad side, which is all of his sides.

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Kathy Bates as Annie WIlkes in Misery—it could so easily happen . . .

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C. Montgomery Burns: Unrepentant arsewipe.

Smithers! Release the hounds!

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Dexter, because I agree with him.

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Michael Corleone: we follow this very believable character arc as he regresses from a genuine, honest, considerate guy through to the depraved ego willing to commit fratricide.
He is the type of character that makes you question your own potential for evil, because many of the steps he takes on his journey are ones most of us would be tempted to take ourselves (like protecting his father’s life is a crisis situation).

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Doctor Evil of Austin Powers fame. Sharks with frikkin’ lasers? Awesome.

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I quite enjoyed Dr. Horrible from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. You just can’t help but like him. He’s not a very good villain, but he’s such a sweet guy outside of villainy. It makes you think about villains and their reasons for being so in a whole new way.

But I’ve also always liked Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. She just embodied evil for me when I was little…I mean she can turn into a freaking dragon. Her whole look just screams “villain.”

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Has to be the top villain, stealth, strength, firepower, gizmos & shear ugliness… 10/10

I particularly like the way he flicks his fang in those up close & personal close up shots, as he studies the face of the next hapless human with a gun just before he’s about to dispatch them…. :-/

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@Fly Oh my god, I love that blog – it is literally one of the top 5 favorite things in my life

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The Joker

He is crazy and knows it but enjoys every minute of it. He likes to create anarchy just for the fun of it.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir My English class coerced our teacher into letting us watch the whole thing in class. ;)

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Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb. Some of the funniest, over the top banter on television today and it’s hidden away in a Disney Channel cartoon.

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Death from The Seventh Seal.
Funny, cutting, all knowledgable, and quite a strategist. terrifying and amusing

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There are too many….
Darth Vader “Luke, I am your father” and “join me and we will rule the galaxy together” are awesome lines
Dr. Horrible
Mr. Burns
Hannibal Lecter “Hello Clarice”
Hal 9000 “I’m sorry dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”
Gordon Gecko “Greed is good”
The Brain if trying to take over the world counts
Snowball thwarting brain and being even more sinister

The list continues (Includes Skeletor, Cobra Commander and Mumm-Ra)

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Villain with the coolest name?

Simon Bar Sinister, of course.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Awesome choice. I grew up watching that too, and to this day, Pennywise still amazes and delights. :)

However, my choice is Michael Myers. He’s my hero, and completely traumatized me when I was 11. There’s not much to him at first, and maybe it’s just in my head, but his lack of anything besides the drive to kill is what amazes me. It makes the clichéd emotional resurfacing moments all the more believable, too.

As for television shows, I’ll always love Callisto from Xena Warrior Princess. She’s pretty, selfish, kicks ass and is a total bitch, plus she just won’t die. She even made Xena feel bad.
But again she’s one of those villains who was shaped as such by events they couldn’t do dick about, and is now fueled by anger and sorrow. I like all those tough on the outside mushy on the inside emo characters.

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Skeletor from He-Man comes to mind because he always gets so mad when his elaborate plans fail, and they always did.

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The Cigarette Smoking Man from X Files is my favourite character on the show.
@Fly I completely agree about Dr. Horrible
Alo, I like the Daleks in Doctor Who

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I love the Joker from Batman. He is a fantastic and complex character, with this evil yet hilarious side. Hi personality is so insane, but he is also very clever. Im not sure I have a favorite phrase from him but I love his puns in the cartoons. His character in the Dark Knight was brilliant.

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The Dark Knight from Monty Pythons Holy Grail is the epitome of all villains and underdogs alike! His motto has rung so true in my life….“if you never give up you can’t possibly lose”

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~ The cigarette smoking man from The X Files. ~

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir You mean the one with the laboratory and his sister Dee Dee?

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@Rewgreen I never saw Michael Corleone as a bad guy ever.
He was just a regular guy that was granted a position not even intended for him since his older brother was supposed to be the next God Father so I think your answer merits zero truth or veracity whatsoever. He was not a bad guy nor was he a villain albeit he had done some heinous deeds, his heart was true and good.

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Skeletor: I have a treat for you from YouTube.
I love Skeletor too!

You fool!!!!!

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@HungryGuy My favorite episode of TNG was when the Q collective made Q be a human for a whole episode. I think he learned some humility then.

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@YARNLADY You have to realize that albeit Snape came off as a bit of an ass, deep down he would come to the rescue of Potter when real evil was apace so I cannot really agree with you. Yeah he is a pompous self satisfied Slitherin Aristocrat but deep down in his very dank and dingy heart he had the safety of the students at his heart especially the scene where he voluntarily became a werewolf to save Potter and crew. So yeah he is a real A-hole but I cannot concur that he is a villain.

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@Trance24 What about Jack Nicholson and Smilex?
That was my favorite Joker since he was so sinister and he did it with panache.

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Clark Kent from Smallville, when he puts the red kryptonite ring on, it makes him a baddie, sort of. He’s cute. I can’t think of any other villains that i like right now….

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@NaturallyMe I’m a little bad ass!
Muhahahah! If you don’t look out I will squelch your man and steal your heart and make you my love slave so you just have a brand new villain to love and abhor and I am for real too!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. now beat that villain that is after your soul like I am.

You will bend to the dark side of the force…..uuuuuuhhh…. puuuuuhhhrrr….
(repeat ad infinitim) ..... I will command the Spanish Soccer team to cordon off all of SA. and any chocolate loving girls will be forced to stay in the borders till my mother ship lands and I acquire my princess…...

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@Kraken – but little does the prehistoric badass know about the defences of the chocolate loving girls. You see, they’ve discovered that hypnosis could temporarily disable their chocolate lovingness, effectively freeing them from capture by this ancient dark sided thingie.

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@Kraken Severus Snape was not a shape changer and did not become a werewolf at anytime in the Harry Potter books. He was at various times a Death Eater and a Master of the Dark Arts. Because of his talent at deception, he was able to work with all the very worst people in the book, and bested them all. He killed Dumbledore, in keeping with his promise to the hatefilled Narcissa Malfoy. It isn’t until the last book that his courage and integrity is proven.

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In the fics where Snape chooses to become a werewolf, he usually find a sense of belonging, such as In Hearts of Darkness by McKay. In the fic, Lupin is understandably upset that his wolf-self turned Snape, but Snape tells him, “Moony didn’t harm me. He made me his equal.” And later, Snape thinks to himself, “Mate. Pack. The words spoke of belonging as much as the marks on his body did.”

Are you sure? Then disprove this.

Snape can voluntarily become a werewolf and change back to human so therefore you hold some validity in your statement but indeed he did turn into a werewolf but you hold truth too since it is not something against his control but it is well within his power to be one or not. Yet clearly snape had to become a werewolf to protect the younglings and thus he did.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Steven King is a two bit hack and all his works are inane drivel along with IT….. I could either listen to someone reading that book to put me to sleep or the broadcast of a Mets game. Steven King is an over rated B level writer that had managed to garner a substantial enough fan base to buy into his idiotic drivel…. bleck ... he writes mindless inane prattle.

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@Kraken Michael Corleone is a tragic figure, in that he began and honest and true, but was turned to the dark side, and became ruthless and evil. He never found redemption.

Snape became a werewolf only in fan fiction, not in the legit books, though I always suspected him of being a vampire. When JKR comes out with her book of revelations on the HP series, I am guessing that will be a big one.

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@Kraken I don’t remember Severus ever turning into a werewolf or shape changing whatsoever. All that comes to mind is when he sent his Patronus to guide Harry towards the Gryffindor Sword.

If you’re talking about fan fiction I don’t know if that really counts, since 90% of them fail to reflect the character as intended by the creator.

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@Kraken, well goddamn, you wanted my answer and you got it.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard – shall we kick @Kraken ‘s ass together??!!! (i love Stephen King books).

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Stephen King rocks! :D

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@Kraken – You may not like him, and that is your right, but Stephen King is one of the most, if not THE most prolific, widely read and respected authors of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and I doubt that any new authors in similar genres could say that they weren’t influenced by him in some notable way. That you choose to ignore this fact is a tribute to your own literary inadequacies and inabilities, not King’s.

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@Kraken I specifically said in the Harry Potter Books. I have no interest in discussing fan fiction.

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The Nazi “Jew Hunter” in Inglorious Bastards. The best bad guys have a charming facade. It amplifies the evil.

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@josie, oh yeah, I forgot about him. He was terrifying.

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@Symbeline He fought Severus Black the Azkaban refugee and Mr. Snape could willfully turn himself into a werewolf and he indeed did so to save Harry Potter and co.. on page 43 where Miss Granger read of the secrets that Snape knew of.

Response moderated (Flame-Bait)
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@Kraken Which of the books did that happen in?

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Elle Driver from Kill Bill. Why? I don’t really know, she just take my breath away if you understand me. She’s got style, she’s got a strong personality, she knows how to handle a sword and of course that singing in Volume One is one of the most epic scenes of Tarantino’s movies.

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@guihurts The whistling?

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Doctor Heiter because the “monster” he built from three unwilling human victims is medically possible to do.

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@Kraken I am surprised that you feel so strongly against Stephen King. I admit that some of his stories start out really interesting and then become too far-fetched even for me. But many of his movies are classics. “It” was a great one, but that clown is too unlikeable and scary for me to dub him my “favorite.” I have to go with Annie Wilkes, or Jack Torrance from “The Shining.” Jack Nicholson plays a nut bag better than anyone I know. He has this maniac smile that is so disturbing.

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It’s hard to choose. Perhaps Emilio Largo in “Thunderball”.

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