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What do I do? Someones stolen my facebook photos and made a fake profile. What the hell?

Asked by meagan (4650points) July 19th, 2010

Alright, so I get online tonight and go to leave a comment on someone’s page.
And I see that they’ve become friends with someone with my EXACT name. Out of curiosity, I click on their photos.

This person is using photos of me, pretending to be me online. Not pretending like.. Hey, I’m Meagan so and so, from Arkansas. But there are photos of me on there! And they’re photos of me when I was like.. 16.
Their current default photo isn’t of me, but they have three of me on their “profile picture” page.

What do I do? I tried reporting it to facebook, but they didn’t have an exact way for me to report this specific issue.

Also, this person is from Cuba or something. Every person on their friend’s page is Cuban.. except for my one friend.

More or less, should I just calm down and get over it? Its not like I was underage and naked on there or anything. I guess if they want to pretend to be me, and are just using photos… it isn’t that big of a deal?

(This just made me so paranoid.)

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Lol, contact facebook. Write them an email and let them know of your problems.

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I’ve just realized that its this guy I knew a long time ago, from the Dominican Republic. This is so random, its really creeping me out.

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Send him a message and ask him why he has your pictures. If you want them removed from his page, you can ask Facebook, but I’m not sure if they’ll do it.

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@Seaofclouds I reported the page to facebook, but they didn’t allow any kind of comments with the report.. so I’m not sure if they’ll go through with it or not.

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Is it harming anyone that is your friend on facebook? Do people harass you or what ever like that? (if they harass you) Just ask. “hey would you rather believe the one who made it or the actual person?” I mean if it isn’t really affecting how you live now on facebook then I wouldn’t worry. But it might be a different case for you. Oh try asking the douche why he’s doing it? Or report,report,report!

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Identity theft… one more reason I’m glad I cancelled my Facebook account.

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I would be worried and take it very seriously. I would contact this individual and tell them to take the page down now.

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@meagan Did you use this method for reporting the impostor profile? (It’s the first topic under “Personal Privacy Use”.)

@Austinlad I hate to be the bearer of bad news; anyone can create an account on FB using your name. I made one for my sister, with her permission, and with her sitting next to me while it was created.

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Thanks all for the response. I reported it last night on facebook, but after my own little investigation I’m not so creeped out by whats going on.
Apparently a guy I had met online saved some of my photos and made this profile back in 2007, not to be mean or nasty, but to make himself look like he had friends.
More than anything, I really pity him… but still – I really want those photos taken down.

Its just kind of sad. I would have been much happier not knowing that this was going on.

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@meagan You may call it sad…I call it creepy.

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@meagan Have you tried sending the guy a message directly and asking him to take the pictures of you down?

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@Seaofclouds I did it, no reply.

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Alright, update I guess.
So I’m online today, doing a little work, and try signing into facebook.
They deactivated the fake account AND my account. What is going on here?
I’m going through the steps trying to get my account back, but I’m livid. Why would they deactivate both? What an amazing company.

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Just curious…if you can’t log in to Facebook, how do you know both accounts are deactivated? And yes, that is very odd that yours would be deactivated as well.

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@meagan ask your friend to cancel her friendship with this ‘fictitious you’ and post a note on his/her wall saying why she is doing so.
Post notes yourself under the photos on his site with links to your original photos and whatever comments you care to make. He’ll take ‘em down pretty quick!
Looks like I am too late. Well, good luck.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Because I know the address for the profile. Its basically first and last name.
I’ve also had other people check to see if its still there, but its been deactivated.

@anartist Thanks for the advice, but I appreciate it.

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