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Mel Gibson's latest rant - what's your take on it?

Asked by zenele (8252points) July 19th, 2010

Have you read more about it and it interests you?

Is his career finished?

Perhaps with all he’s gone through with his exes you can identify with it?

Maybe you missed it – or it’s moot.

What do you think about Mel Gibson’s rants – past and present?

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He sees the mistakes he has made over the last 4 years, and sees this woman as being Satan’s bait. He hates himself, and redirects that towards her.
Mad Mel will be back, but he will have to do penance.

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I hope he gets jail time.

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He’s a dumbass.

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Still don’t care, sorry. He’s always been an ass.

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I am shocked, shocked that a man with a history of inebriated, racist, misogynist ranting has been revealed as a woman-hating racist drunk!

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He’s a douche. It makes me sad that this doesn’t surprise me anymore; I used to like him. Nobody’s going to want him attached to their projects for a very long time, if ever.

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I pay as little attention as possible to the goings on of celebrities.


I’ve never thought of Mel Gibson as a great actor. Why he has won so many fans in the past I will never understand. He has grown into a grumpy old curmudgeon, and now he is the “spotlight” again for his obnoxious behavior. I wish people would just forget about him and his shenanigans.

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They can never take our freedom!!!!!
well maybe they can give him 5 to 10

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@judochop I guess that is one thing he learned the hard way.

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He’s a great addition to The Soup.

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I don’t think that he’s a great person from the things I read but I don’t really see why the media needs to focus on his personal life. I don’t care and I think he’s boring. He can keep his racist and sexist remarks to himself. However, I don’t care for his gf either. She seems like she craves attention and tries to expose things that happened in their relationship that other people shouldn’t have to know about.

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I saw an excerpt of a rant on tv and was shocked. He sounds like he needs medication.

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Not in any way to condone his horrid ideas and behavior, I often think how hard it must be for an actor to watch himself (or herself) age movie by movie for all the world to see. As for his acting ability, catch one of his first movies, “Year of Living Dangerously.” Easy to see what great promise he
had as an actor, though apparently not as a human being.

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I think he sucks as a person, and as an actor. He deserves what he gets because if he really cared, he would have found alternative ways to handle the situation. But the both of them are worse than any P. M. S. ing teenager. Unfortunately the don’t make tampons in his size.

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I want to add that the Performing Arts have a long history of producing people with great talent but who were apparently rotten human beings. (I say “apparently” because everything we think we know about public figures, and everything we judge them on, is based on what we read and see in the media). My two favorite examples are Brando and Sinatra. Both men were unique and unparalleled in their talents, but according to everything I’ve read about both of them, which is considerable, neither was a guy you’d want to hang out with for very long. Nonetheless, I loved (and love) their professional work so much that I managed to suspend how I feel about them on a personal level. Mel Gibson, let me be very clear, comes nowhere near that category in my estimation.

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I laugh at his insanity.

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he needs fluther to put him in his place and teach him a lesson or 6.

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he is rich and your not don’t hate

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^ Hmmm. I see.

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His rage is downright scary. I’d hate to be in the same room with him screaming that way. He sounded like he would’ve physically hurt her if she had been.
I used to like him and his movies, but not so much now.

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