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Where can I find a simple, inexpensive kitchen table/counter?

Asked by andrew (16375points) November 8th, 2006
I'm looking for a very simple piece of furniture I can use as a counter/preparation space in my kitchen. I don't want one of those portable islands (they're too small and I want to have space underneath. Really what I'm looking is a very simple, very high table. Most importantly, I don't want to spend a lot fo money. Any thoughts?
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Craigslist, or head to Silverlake, there are tons of inexpensive furniture places there, and Venice Beach as well.
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If you're a little handy with the tools, you can get a really nice, big tabletop at IKEA for about 30 bucks, and then put your own legs on it to make it whatever height you want (or just set it on a couple of cabinets or sets of drawers that you've already got - they work well as legs too...)
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That's a smart idea
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I would recommend IKEA as well. Inexpensive, usually relatively attractive and a fun weekend project. If you don't mind trying to figure out the Swedish picture instructions.
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Restaurants are going out of business all of the time. Keep an eye out wherever public notices are posted in your area for bankruptcy or out of business auctions of restaurant equipment. You can pick up professional equipment dirt cheap.
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Did you try freecycle?

A lot of great stuff and it’s all free…

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