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Slow day around here in the land of the medusozoa; where is everyone?

Asked by Jude (32112points) July 20th, 2010


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There is some action, but it’s mostly tendentious.

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At work. Wishing I was elsewhere.

I’m beyond needing a vacation. I’m thinking sabbatical. aahh, to dream

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@cprevite And I’m dreaming of getting a job…aahh to dream.

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@chyna: I know, but your grass is so much greener.

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I’ve been in and out briefly but have some appointments and hoping to go to the beach. Checking out the Qs&As but not much going on here…..

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Y’all can come to my house. I could use the distraction. As long as you don’t mind cutting the grass. ;-)

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Janbb What? You live close to a beach? I’m so jealous!

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@chyna – Don’t be jealous. I will share my beach with you. :-)

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Ok, I’ll go to anyone’s beach! I’m free for now.

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I’m at work waiting for someone to ask a question that I can respond to and have people get mad at me.

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C’mon over to my house, everybody (I’ll skip out of work) and make barbecue.

No wait !!! I made that once and it was awful. I’ll take you out to my favorite bbq restaurant.

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@Austinlad Which one is your favorite?

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I’m still recuperating. So not much energy to fluther or to work.

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At work. Another day, another peso.

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I’m on campus. My class has ended early and I’m waiting for my ride to get here.

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I’ve done a lot today for it to only be 11 AM. Now I’m playing and thinking about food.

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I’m still cutting hedges! Have to take frequent breaks! Hot as hades! Looking forward to this being over with….like yesterday!

@ChazMaz thought you were going to cut the grass yesterday! Have fun!

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@mrentropy, I like both the Salt Lick and Rudy’s.

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@Austinlad I’ve been to Rudy’s, but I’ve never tried Salt Lick. I reckon I’ll have to give it a try one day.

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If we’re talkin’ BBQ, I lurve me some Blue Ribbon

They’re less than a mile from where I work. Yum.

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@cprevite In New England? Or Austin?

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@mrentropy: In New England. The owner is a North Carolina transplant I believe.

Check out the link.

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Um. Ironworks for beef ribs. Just sayin…

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@cprevite It’s a weeeee bit far for lunch. For me, anyway.

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Since you asked, I was sleeping off a bad night. I feel as if I’d spent the night being kicked around in a tin can. If I were going to wake up feeling that bad, at least I ought to have been drunk, but I wasn’t. The birds were out in full vocal force by the time I got to where I could sleep a little. It’s 3:00, and I’m working up to breakfast now after some coffee.

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