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Is your work week such that you need a day (or two) to recover?

Asked by cookieman (38592points) July 20th, 2010

Are you so dog-tired (emotionally and/or physically) by the end of your work week that you must spend a day of two napping, going to the beach, reading…basically doing nothing?

Or…are you capable of putting the week behind you and going out and partying, playing sports or simply going, going?

What does your free time look like?

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Yes it is.

We don’t always get those days, though.

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@boots: True – there are those weeks where there is no “weekend”.

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Not anymore, I sit in an office now. I used to do ‘deck hand’ work and I was a mean-spirited, depressed, and almost alcoholic person lol. My problem was that I tried to go out and have fun like I wasn’t tired and it caught up with me.

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yes, but my situation is a little different. I’m off Thursdays and Sundays… I never get two days in a row. So my days off and the time spent is very precious lol

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@poofandmook: That’s rough. I was off Mondays and Tuesdays for a couple of years which drove my wife nuts as she never saw me. Now I’m down to one day off, but at least it’s Sunday.

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I am very, very lucky in that I only work three days a week so I have to say no.

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I really only work part-time.

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I should probably add that when I say “work week”, I’m also including parenting and/or school.

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@cprevite Well, you don’t get two days off from parenting, sigh.

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My work week IS a day or two. Just the way I like it!

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@Coloma: you suck. No offense.

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This almost makes me glad I don’t have an actual job…almost. I’d still rather work than go to school. I hope all of you properly recover before going to work again =)

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My work ebbs and flows. During the school year, I am sometimes teaching, taking classes, and doing research, so I’m working every waking hour, including weekends, and stealing time for showering or eating is tricky. Right now, all I have to focus on is my research projects, which move as slowly or as quickly as I want them to.

I like my work enough that I don’t think I ever feel like I need to “recover.” Except sometimes teaching.

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A day to recover? These days are supposed to occur….when?

Five days a week to work for money. Two days a week to do household and family stuff. Where’s the extra day or two? Hmmm? Alternate dimension time travel?

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@wundayatta: I’ve always dreamed of being able to stop time.

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When I worked in an office, I did feel that way. It’s not the actual work; it’s the culture that goes with offices with their misplaced priorities, wasteful spending on junk supplies and junk candy, piped-in pop and adult contemporary music, over-lit flourescents, closed blinds, mindless checklists, over-secure computers with dozens of passwords, causing them to have to be written down thus insecure, gray cubicles, petty little interplays between production workers, etc, that causes the physical draining.

Maybe, when we’ve all had enough of it… this will happen


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@Kraigmo: I love my gray cubicle… it’s very heavily decorated… lots of pictures and little knick-knacks. I have no windows, but I sort of like it that way. I agree about the lights. My computer only has passwords that I set, and it’s not really overly secure.

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Its what I do all week. And I still need a couple of days off.

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If you are including work at homers, like me, I don’t get any days off. Every single day is a work day, no holidays, no vacations, no weekends off.

The plus side is I choose when to go to sleep, when to wake up, which tasks to do, and when to do them. I can wash the clothes and water the lawn while I am online out here by the pool.

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No. I’m lucky, my job isn’t so stressful any more (it used to be). So my days off are usually busy ones.

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My free time is a sweat covered martini shaker next to me flying up river in my boat or my amp turned up to 11 while jamming my Strat!

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I’m with @boots in that those days aren’t always a reality. I’ve gone 3 weeks at a time before taking a day off because I had an agenda of some bills to pay or whatever. My free days are the ones I hit up someone else for their shifts and if there are no takers then I do laundry, run errands, get myself groomed and then lay around on my bed watching movies and napping. A day off with my partner is rare so when it happens then we try to do as many nice things that day as possible like breakfast in bed, out to lunch or dinner and then alone time :)

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My job is intense and insane and I usually need at least an hour after work of downtime (no phone calls, just zone out time) to unwind from it all. I find that the weekends don’t really help much either since I’m doing all the things that I never got to tackle during the week, like laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping. I’m lucky that I have a job and that I like what I do but the rest of my life has really suffered from it because I’m so completely obliterated at the end of the day. I’m trying to change that, though!

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@figbash: I completely agree. It really feels like it’s feast or famine right now.

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Yes. Staying at home with the boys is so tiring. I just want two days off, when my husband has his two days off of work. But, that makes me selfish.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir According to my husband, it does. Since he works during the week, it’s his days off too. Even if I’m about to stab my eyes out from being whined at, cried at, and touched every single minute of the week. blah, I’m just venting now.

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@casheroo: That’s certainly not selfish.

Perhaps a compromise.

One of the two days off is “family day” where you the hubby and the kid(s) hang out together. The other of the two days off is “alone day” where the kid(s) can go off to a sitter for (part of) the day and you and hubby can go off and do your own thing (either alone or together).

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@casheroo: Don’t you wish life could be just like I Love Lucy? You could go to his job for a week and he could stay home with the kids and then he could decide whether or not he’s being unreasonable!

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@poofandmook: Then he’d have some splainin’ to do.

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lol of course, @casheroo might come home to a pressure cooker hurling chickens at the ceiling and a rice avalanche in the kitchen ;)

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Well here’s hoping they eventually get to this

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@poofandmook We talk about switching jobs all the time! But he totally can’t even handle a day without me. He’s a good dad, but he gets fed up quicker than I do. I want to work so bad, but the baby still refuses a bottle. Ahh.
@cprevite My husband does try to give me time to myself, but since the baby refuses a bottle, he can’t do much for him :( I do get at least a half hour at the gym to myself, which is usually all I need to stay somewhat sane. lol

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When dealing with 28 third graders, you betcha’.

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@jjmah: Gaahh!! DO you have an assistant teacher?

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@cprevite I didn’t last year.

The lady and I usually go out for a night on the town, Fridays. The rest of the weekend, we’re lazy bums.

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@jjmah Oh god. At least I can have a drink on the job. I can’t imagine being a teacher, god bless you people. lol

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@casheroo: I know. I teach adults in college, but them I can deal with (and toss out of class if need be) – but 28 third graders?!?!? Alone?! WHOA!

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Fortunately not. And if it were, i’d have to say i will not do such a job – it just doesn’t sound healthy nor desirable to feel like that from doing something that you have to do for the majority of your life.
I own my own businesses, so my time is flexible and my job pretty relaxed as far as jobs go i suppose.

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Used to be. Now I’ve learned how to slow down as soon as it becomes necessary.

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