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How much $ do ya earn through internet a month

Asked by stephen (350points) March 20th, 2008
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-$72. That’s what I pay for Internet. A ripoff, huh?

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Most users wouldn’t make money through the Internet, webmasters might make money through ad-revenue. Some do run online businesses, but for the majority it’ll be $0.
Yeah, mine would be minus as well I guess, I pay ££‘s for my connection each month, so does that count as Internet expenditure? :P

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When I had ads on my tumble-log (which is like a mini-blog to share links and photos), I used to earn about $80—$150 a month. But I got rid of the ads a few months ago because they interfered with the design. As a side-income, I do freelance web design and I get most of my clients through the internet. That earns me about $250—$1000 a month.

@brunty: webmasters don’t exist anymore

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I use the term loosely.

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I just made $666.83…. =]

edit: Sorry, this is for 2 months.. so about 333 a month….

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A good follow up: how are you making this money?

To answer the original question: $0 directly, though I do use the web to advertise my DJ night which, in turn, gets me paid a little.

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I use Youtube to introduce a product that is automatically shipped to my customers each month. I earn $100+ each month and it grows exponentially.

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@iceblu. Surfing for dough is cool. Did you ever get involved with 12dailypro? A lot of people got screwed in that deal.

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All of it. I work as a web programmer.

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Dudes who makes some cash please join my threads about affiliates. thanks

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I make thousands on eBay- Christmas about 10–12K easy.

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